Are you a Mobile Photographer? 5 best mobile Photography tips for you

5 best mobile photography tips that you should know!  

5 best mobile photography tips : Photography is one of the purest forms of art. A beautiful picture is not actually the description of the beauty of the object or subject picturised. It is creativity and display of a beautiful image of a person behind the camera – The Photographer. Many people have this misconception that they can not click good pictures if they don’t have a DSLR. If we talk about the history of photography, the idea of capturing an image started with a pin whole in Camera Obscura. Now, in the present context when we have a number of mobile phones available in the market with a variety of lens, we don’t think not having a camera is a barrier to stop the photographer within you. 

Photography is the display of prospective. Here are 5 best mobile photography that you should know 

   1. Clean your Lens

The first alert before capturing images is to clean your phone camera lens really well. You need to make sure that you remove all the dust particles that are on the lens or are lining it. You can use a lens cleaning cloth that you often use to clean your glasses. 

2. Check the Light

One thing that you need to check while shooting with your phone camera is light. Well, mobile phone cameras nowadays provide you with a lot of options including the pro mode where you can actually adjust things accordingly. Still, its performance can be influenced by light conditions. So, avoid shooting in extreme scratchy light or dim light without any external light.

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3. Use Grid Lines

Gridlines are a must when it comes to photography, especially mobile photography. You need to apply the grid lines from your setting. You may use a 3×3 grid line to get a perfect frame. Gridlines will help you in framing straight and with the right perspective. Put the important things of your frame on the intersection of these lines.

4. Adjust your focus

Focus is one of the most significant things when it comes to mobile photography. Though these cameras have quite a good autofocus, still, you need to customize the focus according to the need of your frame. The right focus will give you a beautiful image for sure. 

5. Seek for good aesthetics

There are a few things that we call as camera aesthetics. Symmetry, playing with focus, playing with aperture, framing in the frame, mirror image, creating leading lines etc. All of these can collaborate towards the formation of pictures from your mobile phone.

So, these are some basic mobile photography tips that you should keep in mind before clicking anything. Just remember, not having a camera is not a barrier to your imagination. Keep clicking! 

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