5 Organisations that offer the top mental health services

Five organisations that can provide you with decent and best mental health services.

Best mental health services: Oct 10 has been designated as “World Mental Health Day” by the UN body, the World Health Organisation.

This year’s Mental Health Day theme is “Making mental health and well-being a global priority for all. This will be an opportunity for people with mental health conditions, advocates, governments, employers, employees, and other stakeholders to come together to recognise progress in this field and to be vocal about what we need to do to ensure mental health and well-being becomes a global priority for all. The one thing that has started to increase in this era is mental health awareness. People, though gradually, are coming to a point where they are trying to understand that mental health is actual and mental health issues are real. But that is a slow trajectory. Several spaces online are trying to create awareness around mental health.

Many people provide mental health guides, and many people believe that simply learning about mental health is enough to deal with a mental health disorder. But that is not true. Where awareness posts can be helpful, there isn’t any substitute for treatment for mental health. Like with any other disorder, one needs proper medication and therapy from professionals to deal with mental health disorders.

So, if you’re wondering whom to contact for mental health services, we’ve compiled a list of the top 5 organisations that can provide you with adequate best mental health services.

1. Dear Mind 

As the name suggests, Dear Mind is an organisation that supports the mind. They aim to create a safe space to discuss mental health, raise awareness, and make mental health services, counselling, and therapies affordable and accessible to all. You can follow them up to get a daily dose of mental health advice and awareness guides, and you can approach them to book a session here. (

2. Trijog – Know Your Mind 

Trijog is India’sIndia’s most trusted and safest space for counselling and holistic mind care solutions. With specialised services in child therapy, individual counselling, and corporate wellness sessions, Trijog provides more options for people to reach out for the kind of help they need. With a creative social media presence and affordable mental health services, Trijog can be your place to access support for your mental health issues.

3. Manasthacare 

A space providing some of the best online counselling and therapy sessions, Manastha Care, is giving a customized and affordable solution to mental health, and since they deal entirely online, it makes the space more inclusive and accessible to all. Hence, there are around 20 subsections for which they assist with therapies; hence, they can be a place to reach out to.

4. Inner Healing Therapy 

Inner healing can be found as one of the most trusted and comprehensive mental health and well-being platforms that aims to help people grow from their struggles, heal from their pain, and lead the way forward. They have customized services for all sorts of issues and allow you to choose who will be your therapist.

5. PSYNC 360 

PSYNC 360 provides counselling for all issues but is specifically good at career counselling. They have a magnificent social media presence and are essentially the best space for young adults to have answers to their mental health issues.

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