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5 women stand-up comedian who are breaking stereotypes about women inability to make people laugh

Applause these women stand-up comedians with the same intensity as you do for others

Standup comedy has caught up with the Indian youth big time in the past few years. A whole lot of new generation of comedians has emerged. Gone are the days when the Indian comic industry was all about male dominance and female bashing jokes. With a positive and refreshing influence of some supremely-talented female comedians, women stand-up has hit up the online space and viewership like anything and everything. With their wit and sarcasm, female standup comedians have been unstoppable and have proved ‘women can’t be funny’ myth wrong.

Here are the 5 women standup comedians who never fails to rule our heart with their comedy.

1. Urooj Ashfaq

One of the brightest shining stars of young stand-up talent, the 23-year-old Urooj Ashfaq has already been winning hearts for 2 years now. Her name spread amongst the audience after she finished at second place in TLC’s ‘Queens of Comedy’ in 2017. The great manner in which she touches the important topics with her jokes is what will have you hooked.

2. Supriya Joshi aka Supaarwoman

What started as making vines for fun led Supriya Joshi to become one of the most sought after female comics in the country. Her sense of humour was picked up by (AIB), and she was offered a job. Witty and insightful about everyday life, her jokes will make you laugh like Sidhu Paaji.

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3. Sonali Thakker

She also landed in this field by a chance. She is a full-time comic, her narratives have a girl-next-door character and will take you back to the good old school and college days. Trust us, she is your go-to girl for funny takes on everyday things.

4. Shreeja Chaturvedi

Shreeja Chaturvedi is one, you would want to keep tabs on. Cute, clean-cut jokes are her thing. You must have seen her in Prime video’s ‘Comicstaan.’ She has got the gift of getting jollies out of the mundane.

5. Sejal Bhatt

Sejal Bhatt‘s words will hit home. Her acts generally revolve around growing up in a conservative Indian household, being a Kashmiri Pandit, and womanhood. ‘Comicstaan’ showed the much-deserved limelight on her.

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