Best Hair Colours for 2017: Get a makeover!

Thinking for a change in the hair colour? Here are some tips to make a better choice

Planning to get your hair coloured? Stressed about the shade? Here are some the tips that may help to resolve your queries.

When it comes to hair colour during summer the first priority is something a little warmer. Whether you are going brighter with bleach or going pretty pastel (pink or tangerine) it is common to see lighter shades replace jet on red carpet and boardwalks.

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So, here are some natural shades which go best with the summers and even throughout the year.

1. This warm blonde hair colour gives a lovely contrast to fair skin.

2. This shade of hair colour is perfect for women with naturally dark hair who seek some levity.

3. Confused between a bright colour and something less? Blorange is a good option it is not really blonde and not really orange but a pair or both.

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4. This is basically a mix of three colours, darker on the top a shade of orange in the middle followed by blonde. This hair colour should all summer long.

5. Though this is old news, but due to the feedbacks and likings of the people around, this colour proves itself and still comes under consideration again and again.

So, these were the 5 hair colours in trend now-a-days. Hurry up rush to your nearest salon and get yours done.

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