Want your career to shine? 5 Instagram Accounts you must follow for best career advice

These 5 Instagram accounts have the best career advice to offer: Want your career to shine? Follow them ASAP and thank us later for recommending!


  • Instagram Accounts to follow for best career advice

Everyone wants a stable and shining career. Time has changed completely when it comes to hiring, selection and career choices. There are a plethora of career choices available today but what’s best for you? And even if you have chosen a career for you, how can you make it shine? In the world full of cut throat competition, it is important to know your USPs. (Unique Selling Points).

For that, we all need some sort of guidance, right? Gone are the days, when one needed to enroll  for career counselling  sessions. Today, all you need to do is – Follow the right people on social media. In this article, we bring to you 5 Instagram accounts you must follow for best career advice. You can thank us later for recommending them.

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Without any further delay, let us take a look at the list:

1. Career Guidance

An Instagram page with more than 45k followers is a one stop destination for the unsolicited career advice when you need it the most. Yes, that’s what their bio reads. From getting content on how to make a resume to even tips for starting something of your own, career guidance will surely make your work easy. If you aren’t following them on Instagram, hit the follow button right away.

2. Apka Career

Second on our list is Apka Career. The page has more than 20k followers and Shivani keeps sharing important tips that can come handy whenever you are appearing for an interview. Interestingly, they also offer Resume and Cover letter services as well. If you want to make your resume look best from the rest, you must follow this account.

3. Mehar Career Coach

We cannot miss her when it comes to best career advice. You can be on her page for hours because her content on career is pure gold. From how to decline an offer politely to speaking in team meetings, her videos can really help you to level up your career game. Well, Mehar Sindhu Batra is a career strategist, content creator, MBA and a Chartered Accountant. She has a solid presence on Instagram and her videos can help you to build a solid worthy career.

4. Your Growth Diet

A page with 123k followers has a variety of content to offer on work and corporate life. The page is handled by Priya who is a Product manager and an Ex- Data Analyst. If you are not  following her yet, go follow her page ASAP.  She is from Delhi and currently based in Mumbai. Her page is full of content that will come handy in your day to day work life.

5. Dhairya DeCodes

Last but not least, Dhairyadecodes is another Instagram page where you can get some best career advice that will make you shine at work.  You can find some of the best work tips on her page through reels!


Following the right people on social media can help your career grow at the right pace. They not only motivate you by sharing their story but also give out best career advice that you can use in a more personalized way. A lot of times a good candidate misses out on an opportunity and there could be various reasons behind it. These career influencers help you to identify those reasons so that you land up at the right job at the right time. If you are not following them, you can hit the follow button without thinking twice.

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