DIY: Best At-Home Keratin Treatment for smooth & silky Hair

At-Home Keratin Treatment that you can try this weekend and thank us later for suggesting

The best feeling in this world is to have a good hair day, right? Unfortunately, we all live in such a condition that having a good hair day every day is quite difficult. From hair fall to damaged hair, we all face hair issues.  Along with stress –free life and good sleep, our body also needs certain nutrients and to scalp healthy. We all have heard about Keratin.

Well, Keratin is one of those essential proteins that make your locks healthy and shiny. Keratin treatment is quite a trend in India. After rebonding and smoothening, Keratin is the most popular hair treatment. Today, we will tell you about Best At-Home Keratin Treatment for smooth and silky hair that you can try this weekend!


Keratin Treatment

What is Keratin?

Before we talk about at-home keratin treatment, let us understand what is Keratin? It is a type of insoluble fibrous protein that is found naturally in hair strands, nails, and claws. It helps in building the outer layer of skin and hair.  The protein gives structure and makes hair manageable. Notably, Keratin is not found in any food item. Our body breaks the protein and vitamins that we consume and change it to Keratin. You can eat biotin-rich, protein-rich, amino-acid-rich food so that your body can build Keratin.

Benefits of Keratin Treatment

  • It helps in repairing damaged and dry hair by replacing the protein that your locks have lost.
  • It rebuilds the damaged areas, adds shine, and eliminates the frizz.
  • The Keratin treatment adds moisture to strands that help make them soft, smooth, shiny, and frizz-free.

Keratin Treatment at home VS Salon

This choice is completely subjective. The price of the Keratin treatment depends on the length of your tresses. But it will cost you somewhere around 2500 (starting price).  A lot of people on Reddit shared that it is important to check the quality of the mask before you opt for any Keratin treatment. A lot of times the effect of the Keratin goes away in a few washes leaving your hair more damaged. In that case, we bring to you at home Keratin treatment that will make your hair shiny. You can try it this weekend and thank us later for recommending it.

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How to make Keratin Mask at home?

Before we share some ingredients for making a mask, please note that home keratin needs patience and time. It will take a lot of sittings. You might need them once every week straight for 2 months.

Keratin Treatment
Pic Credit- Pixabay

Avocado and Coconut Milk Hair Pack

Avocado is an excellent ingredient in treating damaged and dry hair. Rich in amino acid, Vitamin A, B6, D and E, avocado and coconut milk can make your scalp healthy and will help hair to regrow. It keeps the hair and scalp hydrated and makes them silky and smooth. Repeating this once a week for two months will give you great results.

Keratin Treatment
Pic Credit- Pixabay


  • 1 Ripe Medium Sized Avocado
  • 2 tbsp coconut milk ( naturally extracted)
  • Shower cap

It is suitable for every type of scalp and the best among all other ingredients.

Now when you have made mind for Keratin Treatment at home : Here are important steps to keep in mind:

The first step is to prepare a mask. You can use different ingredients available at home to prepare it and then apply them to your hair.


  1. Shampoo your hair and remove all the dirt and oil from your scalp.  Do not use the conditioner for better results.

2. After the wash, dry your hair with a towel. Leave some moisture in the hair to help the treatment absorb the treatment. Slowly then untangle your hair.

3. Apply the mask on your scalp. Divide your hair into two parts and apply the mask from top to bottom. Keep it for 30- 40 minutes

  1. Massage your hair gently for 3-4 minutes. Massage is very important, do not miss this step.
  2. Wash your hair, make sure all the products are removed properly – Use a mild shampoo

Blowdry your hair – It is an optional step but if you want a salon-like look, then you can try this step as well.

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