Bengali Food can satiate your soul: Here is why you should try it at least one?

From Rashugulla to Machli Bengali’s food is just mouth -watering!

Bengalis are really sweet people and their food is just awesome. When it comes to food, Bengalis have a sense of superiority to all those around them. We are Bengali, so, of course, we know better. But we also know better than to leave our food, especially our Bengali cuisine, behind when we do move. Bengali’s can feed all the kulcha, chholebhature, and butter chicken in the world, but still their hearts will always crave for that Padma nadir ilish cooked to perfection in a creamy mustard paste and green chillies to taste.

Bengali Food

No fancy profiteroles, macaroons, and baklavas will ever be a match for the nolengurerroshogollas you will only find in winters. Bengali’s food are just yummy and we are sure once you have it then your love affair with it cannot be long hidden.

Bengalis are religious, but they care more for traditions, especially the ones that involve some amounts of food. While the older generations were perhaps more about the rituals, the younger ones are all about that khichudi bhog with the five kinds of bhaja and vegetable curry to go with it.

Well, a lot of North Indians find peace in simple raja or kadhi chawal but these Bengali’s love to have halka maccher or mangsher jhol with a warm plate of rice. It is even better if the fish is flaky and the murgi is desi. Occasionally, aloosheddhobhaat is all Bengali’s need to soothe their broken souls. Throw in some green chillies, raw onions, and a dash of mustard oil, and life is sorted. You should also try this Bengali dish if you have not tried it.

It can satiate your soul

A Bengali’s love affair with food starts way before birth. There are hundreds of years of history involved. There is that edeshi vs odeshi tug of war, a by-product of Partition that will perhaps never end. But, while the whole world tries to figure out who is a ghoti, who is a bangal, and who is a baati – Bengalis of every kind will be right here, gorging on our aloopostos, chingrimalaikaris, and ruimachherkalias.
If you have bong friend in your list, then you are the luckiest person in this world. Just have Bengali food and fall for it!

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