Benefits of Tangy Grapefruit

Also known as forbidden fruit, the grapefruit is enriched with amazing health benefits. Read on to find more.

Nutrients of grapefruit:

It’s tangy with a slight touch of sweetness- this citrus marvel has a unique flavor that competes with the so popular orange while talking about its great health benefits.

Available in two varieties, white and red inners, the grapefruit is an outstanding source of vitamin A and C. This amazing fruit is packed with good amount dietary fiber and phytochemicals that can guard you from the adverse effects of free radical.

Health benefits of grapefruit:

Enriched with vitamin C:

With high vitamin C content, a plateful of grapefruit has 80% of the vitamin C you require each day. Regular intake of vitamin C can fight off cold, provide defense against free radicals and reduce the risk of cancer, stroke and cardiovascular disease.

Prevents gall bladder:

Grapefruit help to boost up your urinary pH value, which remarkably lowers down the danger of calcium oxalate stone produced in the kidney

Metabolism increase:

Grapefruit help to enhance your metabolism, especially if eaten in the mornings. The high water contain along with the enzymes found in grapefruit accelerates the smooth functioning of your internal organs.

Help you shed weight:

One of the most precious benefits of grapefruit is its capability to help you get rid of surplus weight. Grapefruit contains very little sodium and has a high amount of ‘fat losing enzymes’.This amazing combination not only help burn surplus fat in the body, but also excrete surplus water retained from sodium-rich diet. SO eat grapefruit and shed off your extra weight.

Less cholesterol:

According to the latest research, eating red variety of grapefruit is said to help reduce LDL or bad cholesterol, along with the triglycerides.


Grapefruit liquid increase formation of liver enzymes that help to detoxify by the toxins by eliminating them from the body.

Fend off cancer:

The liver is intended to clean out toxins and carcinogens in two phases. And grapefruit is considered to help both these phases; removes toxins causing cancers from the body, thus keeps cancer away.

Danger of lung cancer is reduced:

Experts recommend that consuming grapefruit juice each day lowers the activity of enzymes that energizes cancer-triggering substances present in cigarette and tobacco smoking.


Are you suffering from indigestion? End Eat grapefruit. Grapefruit is well thought to be light on your stomach and can be effortlessly digested. This appeases the tummy and divests indigestion.

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