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Benefits of Social Media Detox: Connect with ‘Asli’ World because its important

Benefits of Social Media Detox: Do it for your own Peace

Are you someone who is always on his or her phone? Continuously checking your Whatsapp messages, surfing Facebook all the time, and uploading images of Instagram could be a sign of social media addiction.  According to a report, the average person spends at least 1 Hour and 40 minutes per day looking at their favourite social media sites. However, spending too much on the internet can be really hazardous.  Your work might require to remain on the internet for the entire day, but social media detox over the weekends could be great rejuvenator. Here are 5 Benefits of Social Media Detox.

In the chaotic and fancy world of Social Media, we often forget our real relationships and our people. Social Media Detox is important for our emotional, mental, and physical well –being.  This weekend, try social media Detox and you will feel the difference

Here is how it will help you?- Benefits of Social Media Detox 

1. Free time will help you to Devote time to Self -Care

Self-care is really important and due to the excessive use of social media, we actually forget about our health. Self-care is an important aspect of life. When you cut off from social media, you would be able to dedicate that to yourself.

2. You would be able to reconnect with Real World

Do you face a problem when it comes to connecting people in the real world? You might strike a lot of conversation online but when it comes to the real world, you feel jittery. If it is the case, then you really need to do social detox. Take yourself out to your favourite cafe or restaurant.

3. Live in the moment

When you are a social media addict you keep posting pictures every then and now. Be it from your favourite cafe, shopping destination or even from the altar just after getting married.  In that case, you don’t live in the moment and keep preparing yourself for the social media post. To stay happy it is important to live in the moment.

4. It will help in breaking the social comparison cycle

Staying active on social media for a long time can make you competitive in a bad way. Constant comparison with others can make you feel worthless and can hit your self – confidence. It is important to understand that everybody’s journey is different and we should embrace things that we have in our life.

5.Rejuvenate your mood

Social media detox will definitely rejuvenate your mood. It will help you to focus better on your work and can give an altogether different aspect of life. During leisure, you can go out, catch up with your old friends, or even get yourself involved in some yoga sessions too.

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