Benefits of running: Why running is the best remedy to all your health problems?

How running can change your life? Here is why running is the best remedy

Benefits of running: If you are an athlete, you will know how running has changed your life completely. Running is not just a mere exercise; it’s the way how you should live a LIFE. Whether you have taken up running to be fit, to reduce your stress or to just kill time, then trust us running will never leave you disappointed. The most rewarding effects of running are the mental clarity it provides. In addition to mental health, running can improve your physical health as well. It is difficult to take out time for exercise in today’s time. We have tight working schedules and some of us even work extra. But guess what? Running can sort all your problems.

There are loads of benefits of running, and here are the reasons why you should adopt the habit of running and start living a little happier and healthier.

1. It Improves  your overall health

You must have come across this saying, “Exercise is a medicine.” Well, it’s the truth. Studies have shown running every day increases your level of good cholesterol. In addition to it, running also boosts your immune system.

2. Running makes you a lot happier

If you are an exercise freak, then you must have discovered it till now. No matter, how bad your day begins, just going out for a run does brighten up your mood.

3. Gives you your “ME” time

In this busy life where we hardly get time for our own self. We assure running will surely give you your me-time. It will make you calm and relaxed. The feeling of delight you get during a run-is 100% real.

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4. Bust off your excuses

Leave your Kal se pakka karenge promise. Because tomorrow never comes. Stay adamant on your decision and forget all the excuses like, I hate exercising, I am too busy, I am too tired, exercise is too difficult and painful. As we all know without pain there’s no gain.

5. Running add years to your life

The study found that running boosts the longevity more than any other exercises such as cycling, walking etc. Running prolongs your life and keeps death at bay. It is well said by Ronald Rook, “I don’t run to add days to my life, I run to add life to my days.”

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