Benefits of Lavender Oil

Lavender fragrance is one of the most pleasing flower fragrances available. It has a tendency to permiate the very core of our brains when inhaled.

It is this quality which makes lavender oil unique, specially for giving one a good night’s sleep.

Pure lavender essential oil is available on many e-com sites, and in specialty stores in most cities, and also does not cost the earth.

Before going to sleep, take a few drops on your hands, rub them, and then rub your hands on your pillow. Go to bed. It is as simple as that.

The fragrance of lavender envelpes the mind in a secure comfortable space, something akin to being in a ‘womb’ of safety and serenity. Breathe in and out, focusing on the lavender breath as it goes in, and as it goes out. Before you know it, you will be out!

Wake up the next day full of vim, vigour and energy! You can also check interesting essential oil tips at this article.

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