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Why is it good to consume Green Tea right after your Yoga Session?

Consuming Green Tea right after your yoga session can make your mornings wonderful. Following a yoga session, the body becomes invigorated as inner peace settles in. Nothing can beat the rejuvenation that comes after a successful Yoga session.  After your Yoga session, you need to get back to your original routine but the truth is, the transition becomes difficult.  While there could be many other alternatives that can help your body to become in sync, but green tea is a great way to do it.

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Here are 5 reasons that why you should consume green tea right after your yoga session:

1. It improves hydration properties:  Dehydration can limit the benefits of yoga.  In the worst scenario, it can result in cramps. Also, it can trigger unusual tiredness. That’s why green tea is the best remedy.

2. Helps you to keep stress at bay:  Today, stressing out at each and everything has become sought of a trend.  Green Tea enhances your inner peace as it offers an efficient transition from reflection to the reality of life.  It helps in keeping your muscles relaxed and also keeps stress at bay.

3. Improves your sleep:  Yoga helps to keep anxiety, stress, and fear at bay. Everyone who practices it knows its benefits.  Consuming green tea on a regular basis improves your sleep pattern and good sleep results in a wonderful day

4. Boosts your immunity:  Green Tea’s antioxidants slow down the aging process and it also helps in fighting different diseases.

5. It eases the pain:   The best way to get rid of physical pain after a yoga session is – Green Tea. If you are suffering from pain, stiffness or chronic pain green tea make the best therapy for a fast healing process.


Green Tea is your ultimate beverage after Yoga. Drink this for a robust immune system, improved management of arthritis, relief from stress and high-quality sleep.  You can consume 3-4 cups of green tea for better results.

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