‘Cheers to Beerhood’, take a look at benefits of drinking beer! 

I love Beer & you just like it, we are not the same bro! 1 Friday of August marks International Beer Day, but we can’t enjoy together, thanks to 2020!

If you are a beer lover, it’s your day today because today is the first Friday of August and first Friday of August is celebrated as the International Beer Day.  As we know excess of everything is bad but do you know there are some amazing benefits of drinking beer.

Celebration of International Beer Day

For beer lovers- it is not just a drink but a way of life. Beer is always there for beer lovers for any festivity and party. This year the International Beer Day is being celebrated on 7th August. People all across the world celebrate this fun day by gathering with beer buddies and enjoy drinking it with them. But not this year, thanks to the pandemic situation. People also acknowledge the contribution of those responsible for serving and brewing beer. The day is special for homebrewers who love the overall art of beer making. It brings people from different countries together to celebrate the taste of different beers from various places on the globe.

Several types of Beer day incidents like all-day happy hours, Tapping of new or rare beers, binge drinking, trivia nights, beer flights, and other games like beer pongs, beer and food pairings, and beer giveaways are organized across the world to make the day special.

History of International Beer Day

The day began as a small localised event in the western United States in 2007 but is now a global celebration across the 207 countries across the world. Jesse Avshalomov, a man in Santa Cruz, California first recognized the day in 2007 as the Beer day and since then it has crossed boundaries to become a global event.

International Beer Day was celebrated on August 5 from 2007 through 2012, but after the 2012 International Beer Day event, the founders organized a poll amongst fans. Majority of them chose to move the holiday to the first Friday of August.

There is a lot that we don’t know about Beer. There are many types of beer and we have listed 5 of them to increase your beer nerdiness.

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  1. Ale: It is probably the most popular type of beer consumed today.  Ale beers were originally used to describe beers that were made without hops. Ales used gruits (a mixture of spices and herbs) as the bittering agent earlier but now they use hops. Hops are an essential ingredient in most beers which is found in the flowers of the hop plant Humulus lupulus.
  1. Lambic: Lambic beers are crafted using the spontaneous fermentation method (without yeast). Some lambic beers are sour in taste. These are dry and have relatively low ABV (Alcohol by Volume) about 3 to 5 per cent.
  1. Porter:Porter was a classic English Pub drink once and was popular with river and street porters. It was eliminated after the arrival of Stouts. The darkest of dark Ales is now witnessing a mini-revival in the craft beer circuit.
  1.  Stout:These are mostly dark and are crafted with roasted malt or roasted barley, yeast, hops and water. This beer started as a variety of Porter beer but has outgrown porters by a distance as the day passed by.
  2. Pilsner:The name of the last beer in our list is derived from a Bohemian town – Plzen. Pilsner beer is defined by the crisp body which is perfect for a hot summer day. It is light golden in colour and became famous around the 1950s.

While our parents continue to urge us not to drink any kind of alcohol, let’s discuss some benefits of drinking beer. (Caution: Don’t overdrink it)

  1. Beer can prevent Kidney stones
  2. Beer provides strength to bones
  3. It has more nutrients than other alcoholic drinks.
  4. It can help in protecting the heart.
  5. Beer also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol
  6. Of course, it reduces stress
  7. Beer helps in cognitive functions.
  8. It might help in improving the memory

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