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Behavioral Health Consequences and Neglect of Child Abuse 

Child abuse and its negligence can affect anyone’s mental and physical health either in a direct way or in an indirect way. Maltreatment during early childhood and infancy is showing negative effects in early brain development and it contributes to the health outcomes that are negative in behavior into adulthood and adolescence. The emotional effects of neglect, fear, isolation, inability to trust, and abuse can be transformed into a lifelong different consequence. It may also lead to depression, relationship difficulties, and low self-esteem. Another side effect may also be in the form of the development of addiction to alcohol and drugs. Premium Dissertation UK experts have covered the following main topics in this regard that needs to be kept in view:

  • Physical Health
  • Mental Health
  • Substance Health
  • Physical Health

Abuse, whether physical, emotional, or sexual,  can have long-lasting effects on victims. Premium Dissertation UK has listed down health conditions that are linked to abuse and neglect and how to combat them. Researchers have found that there are a number of different issues related to health that can stem from emotional, physical, and sexual abuse that is experienced by a person at any point in their life. These physical health issues include mood, arthritis, obesity, heart disease, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and personality disorders. For instance, the girls who are physically and sexually abused at any point in their life, have a risk of heart disease, stroke, and heart attack when they become mature and adults. According to the research, the children who got punished were about 24% more likely to be in obesity level and more than 35% are likely to be in arthrosis when they are adults as compared to their age fellows who were not slapped, hit, pushed, or grabbed by adults in their homes. Victims of abuse also develop savers behaviors like smoking, drug abuse, alcohol abuse, or eating disorders that can cause strain to their lungs, heart, and other organs according to the researchers of the Premium Dissertation UK. For overcoming these disorders related to health, going to walk in nature, practicing mindfulness, meditation, and working with a therapist can help a lot to release this abuse and neglect.

Mental Health 

The theories related to human psychological trauma are increasing since the 1980s, due to emotional distress and this leads us towards the concept of PTSD. Support and treatment are essential to control such strokes and mental disorders. Psychotherapy is essentially important with a certified trauma specialist for grieving and evaluating past damaging events. Medications and yoga can also increase self-confidence and self-connection with sensory,  feelings, and physical sensations. Urgent requirement of a more flexible diagnostic system is needed by including recognition from the DSM officials.

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Substance Use 

Children who have experienced abuse and maltreatment are more at risk of developing problematic substances and disordering in adolescence. Child maltreatment is identified in adults and adolescents for treating substance use disorders (SUDs). We can apply the psychopathology framework for discussion of complex probabilistic pathways by including child maltreatment, substance use along substance use disorder (SUD). Psychopathology seeks us to be engaged in an evaluation of neurobiological, psychological, social, genetic, and physiological processes and to understand how they multiply analysis levels that may influence and enhance the pathways by which pathological and normal outcomes might be achieved.

We know that child abuse and neglect have shown risks for personality and psychiatric disorders. It is different in different ages and depends on the consequences and circumstances and sensitivity of that person. Ultimately, the therapists and the near ones of that abused child should try to get emotional stabilization and need to respond to his emotional needs in an appropriate manner according to his age. It is time-consuming but not a difficult task and can be accomplished easily.

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