Shaadi Season Special: Why every bride-to-be should include ‘Beetroot Juice in her diet’?

Getting married next month? Take 21 days challenge of drinking beetroot juice for glowing skin


Getting married next month? We know glowing skin is the first thing on your list. It’s your D- day and you want to look as beautiful as you can. Of course, you would have already booked a lot of beauty sessions in the salon to look your best. From your diet to your hair, you already have your plans. But today we will talk about the glow that you can get naturally. You need not to go to any salon. All you need to do is just drink beetroot juice for 21 days & you will get stuck to it forever.

Caution: “Start with a small amount of beetroot juice to avoid any kind of allergy. You can also mix carrot with the juice of beetroot to enhance its taste.”

Drinking Beetroot Juice everyday and get ready to glow, glow and glow!

It flushes out all the toxins from the body and cleanses the blood. It is rich in skin enhancing nutrients & it is very effective for oily and acne-prone skin. The regular intake of beetroot juice will prevent acne from popping up. If you are worried about the scars, then you can beetroot juice and curd in a ratio of 2:1 tablespoon and acne will dry up in no time.

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Supple & Soft Skin

If your inner body is healthy it will definitely reflect on your face. Drinking beetroot juice regularly purifies your blood. So, you can start this at least a month before your wedding. To get that soft and supple skin you can even apply beetroot juice on your face.  Beetroot juice removes dead cells and replaces them with a new one.

It has amazing hair benefits too

As a bride, you need to try a lot of hairstyles and that can take a toll on your hair. Guess what? Beetroot is here for your rescue! It improves the overall health of hair by maintaining its shine and glow. It prevents dry scalp and hair loss. It helps to get shiny hair. So, every bride–to–be should include beetroot in her diet.

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