Beds are for Sex and Sleeping Period

Are you still having a tough time to sleep? Maybe its time to relook again why we want to go to sleep. It’s a discipline that we always seem to neglect only to wake up in the morning to feel as if our hair is on fire.

Beds are for Sex and Sleeping Period

There are several studies in relation to the link between low melatonin levels and sound sleep which we could look at. However it always boils to one thing our bedroom, our beds should be used not only for sex and but for sleeping too.

Beds are for Sex and Sleeping Period

This is to tell our brains it’s time to sleep whenever we are on our bed. It helps to set the biological clock to sleep smarter and better.

It should not be used to watch TV, to chat on our mobile or even catching up on emails and such. It is important to recharge your body for next day’s tasks. So give a try for a week and see the difference.

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