Beauty Tips: DIYs Homemade Remedies For Brides-To-Be and special skin care regimen

Enhance your beauty and get a Bridal Glow

The bridal glow is a must-have as it is your D-day. This day will probably be the most special day of your life which calls for a special glow. Extra care and pampering is required to get a perfect bridal glow.

The bride needs to give some extra attention to your skin and beauty routine. Replenish your skin from within naturally. You are going to be the centre of attraction on your wedding day, so you have to put your best foot forward and look your best.

Pre-bridal treatments and DIY remedies

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Many women head straight to Salons and Parlors to book a long appointment. But, what these women do not know is that they can achieve a much better and natural glow at home with some natural DIY home remedies.

Brides-to-be across the globe want a glowing, fair and acne-free skin. It is easy to achieve it too, if you follow the routine mentioned in this article.

DIYs Homemade Remedies For Brides-To-Be

1) Bridal Glow Uptan Full Body – This Uptan is very popular among Indian brides. This is an ancient recipe of traditional uptan made for glowing skin for brides. This will give you a beautiful glowing skin in minutes.


i) Gram flour – 1/2 cup
ii) Wheat Bran – 1/4 cup
iii) Yoghurt – 4 tablespoon
iv) Milk cream – 4 tablespoon
v) Turmeric powder – a pinch.

Steps to follow:

i) Mix all the ingredients together and make a paste.
ii) Warm some mustard oil.
iii) Apply the oil and massage your body.
iv) Apply the uptan on the oiled body and relax for 30 minutes.
v) Massage the uptan gently all over the body.
vi) Wash with warm water.

2) Milk and Salt Bath or soak – This one is inspired by the kings and queens of Ancient India. They used to take milk baths before the wedding to lighten their skin and to get an instant glow. You do not need a bath tub in it. Thus, it is super affordable and easy.

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i) Small tub – 1
ii) Rock salt – 4 gms
iii) Water – half tub
iv) Rosewater – half cup
v) Milk – 1 litre

Steps to follow:

i) Warm the milk slightly. Do not over heat.
ii) In the tub, add all the ingredients.
iii) Soak your feet in it for 10-15 minutes
iv) Meanwhile, with a cotton ball dab the mixture on your body.
v) Wash with warm water.

3) Egg face pack for Tight and youthful skin – A toned firm skin is a dream of every bride. Use this trick to achieve it at home.


i) Egg white – 1 egg
ii) Gram flour – 2 tablespoon
iii) Aloevera gel – 2 teaspoon

Steps to follow:

i) Mix all the ingredients well and make a paste.
ii) Apply on face and neck.
iii) After 30 minutes wash with cold water.

Look your best and feel the best on your most happy and joyous day. Make your husband-to-be fall in love with your beautiful and youthful skin.

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