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How going away from Delhi to Hometown to beat pollution is a mistake.

AQI levels in major cities of Northern- India are not much better than Delhi

After Diwali, the capital New Delhi has been receiving heavy criticism for bad air. Delhi government tried Odd-Even formula to bring the AQI level down. The air pollution was so bad in the capital that schools and colleges were closed for 5 days after the Diwali. The Delhi government has been blaming Punjab and Haryana government for stubble burning.  The Central government blamed Arvind Kejriwal led AAP for not being able to control the air pollution as AQI level went pass 500 in most of the area in New Delhi.

Many people in the capital are migrants who have come from different parts of the country to either study or work. The majority of people are from North India especially Bihar, UP, Punjab, Haryana.

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Is your mom calling you back to come back…

We know that your mother would have phoned you and asked you to come back to your hometown to stay away from the pollution. Of course, she will, after all, media was right there to tell her that breathing in Delhi means you are consuming 38 cigarettes every day.

We want to inform you that going back to hometown isn’t going to do any good for you. It’s wedding season right now. If there is a wedding in your hometown and you are excited to go there because you might get a break from the hectic schedule of office while attending the fun-filled wedding. Also, you must be expecting pollution-free air for a few days, sorry to disappoint, you might not feel a big difference in the air quality.

 Air pollution in major cities of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar are as polluted as Delhi. According to NDTV’s air-pollution-levels-in-cities list of 26th November, it is not Delhi which tops the list of the most polluted country right now. Kanpur tops the list with 461 AQI level followed by Delhi (425), Ghaziabad(335), Lucknow(333), Gaya(326), Patna(326), Varanasi(262), Muzaffarpur(251), Howrah(201), Asansol(200) and the list goes on.

Just a reminder of AQI Levels! Air quality is considered good if the AQI level is between 0- 50, Satisfactory- 50-100, Moderate- below 100-150, Poor -Below 150-200, Very poor 200-300, and anything more than 300 is severe.

If you think that you can escape the dangerous air of capital by taking a leave and going to hometown, you might be wrong if your hometown’s name is on the list. Check the updated list at NDTV’s AQI page here to know if going to hometown would help you beat the air-pollution

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