Be a Natural Trendsetter!


Are you a natural trendsetter? Do others track your sense of style which is both trendy and comfortable? If no then go through these fascinating guidelines to turn into a natural trendsetter.


Establishing trends is all about grace, self-confidence and charm. If you assume that you are a natural trend setter or you want to become a trendsetter just go through this.


Pant Suits:

Earlier regarded as ‘political” attire, the pantsuits (the epitomes of androgynous fashion) are widely becoming popular nowadays. The fall 2012 runaway was flooded with power suits. Lengthened pullovers with pleated pants were showcased by Giorgio Armani and well pleated pants in monochromes with athletic detailing by Philip Lim. With neat cuts and novel way of style they represent business with a feel of womanly style. If you are assured to try pantsuits then follow these tips to wear in style.


Be a Natural Trendsetter!



Pantsuits are being redesigned by adding up more designing elements on the collar and sleeves. They are now available in bright colors and patterns. The base is seen as a season of domination. Cutoffs, ankle-length trousers, flare bottom and pleated pants are substituted by long-traditional cut.


Lose the jacket:

With a girlie blouse wear the pants as an alternative, go immediately from the boardroom to the club. Short woman can choose their lengths of the pullovers. A cropped one may work better for them, while girls with broader hips should go for somewhat longer lengths. Extensive and embroidered necklines help draw concentration away from hips.


Slip a camisole:

Try funny printed tee or a shirt with shine under the jacket. If you feel courageous wear just the fitted jacket and flaunt your cleavage like Blake Lively and Rosie Huntington Whiteley.


A great pair of shoes, if possible stilettos, is the ideal fashion accessory, especially if you are wearing cutoffs or drainpipes.


Trendy and fashionable smoking slippers:

The most famous proponent of the smoking slipper is Playboy publisher Hugh Hefner. You, still, don’t need to imitate his offensive lifestyle to try this trend, which is a greeting exit from ballet flat. Subsequent instructions will help you wear smoking slippers with charm.


You can wear your slippers with lavishness outside the house. They trickle elegance and Hugh Hefner’s bad-ass style. Work very well on men and women.


They are neuter than ballet flat but normal than oxfords or loafers, which makes it better style for women to steal from their male friends.


A cute skirt or denims looks best with them. Men can wear them with prescribed attire, together with tuxedo.


They are available in a range of materials (Mc-Queen’s velvet), accompaniments (Topshop’s tassels), studded (Valentino) and glitter (Rebecca Minkoff). You are offered an alternative of colors and prints. Jessica Alba wore a bright pink pair while Beyonce and Miley Cyrus opted for leopard print.


If smoking slippers appear too flat for a night out, go ahead with the kitten heels.



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