Be a man in true sense! Make workplace bias free!

Make Workplace Bias free: Give more freedom to women

Do you feel gender equality exists? Not only in homes, but in other areas too we need to cope with this gender inequality issue. Women, everywhere, have to face various forms of inequality almost on a daily basis. Unfortunately, workplaces too have gender inequality issue. Some of us are fortunate enough to work in organizations that ensure safer spaces for their female employees, but these are rare instances. Majority of women are working now they are showing their exceptional potentialities but then also, they are not treated equally.

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So, dear men join us and wage a war against everyday sexism. You can start anywhere – your classrooms, your homes, the streets, or even from your office cubicles. And here’s how you can consciously contribute to making all our workplaces more equal and safe.

1. Listen to your female friends: Listening to your female colleagues does not harm others. Hear them out – be it at meetings or in general discussions. Do not dominate them. If they have a good idea, give them due credit. Do not steal their ideas and present them as yours to earn brownie points with your superiors. Be a man.

2. If you are a boss, try to mentor your female employees too, do not get limited to male only: Do not favour the men in your team simply because you can bond over being bros. Recognize talent and leadership skills in your team irrespective of gender. Females might have good leadership qualities than males in some areas. At least accept that.

3. Support your female employees if they complain of any type of harassment: Now- a -days crime against women is very common. They are not safe at all. Due to patriarchy society women is always doubtful for her actions. Instead of dishing out judgment, support them. Hear them out and figure out how you can help.

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4. Work should not be divided according to gender: If there is an informal meeting where food needs to be served and there is no other help available, do not expect the women in your team to do the work. We have been conditioned to believe that women are better at housework, and men are better at working outside the home. Smash these stereotypes before they can raise their ugly heads anywhere and everywhere.

5 Never ask them if it’s their time of the month: Men get aggressive and lose their temper just as much as women. Has anyone ever asked you if it’s your time of the month? How offensive would it be if someone assigned the cause of your legit anger on hormonal imbalance?

6. Give them personal space: You want to ask you female co-worker something? Stand before her, respect her personal space; keep a normal distance and then talk. Don’t creepily lean in over desks or whisper into her ears. And never, ever touch her without her consent!

7. Avoid commenting on their physical appearance: You want to give someone a compliment about their work? Go ahead and do it professionally. That’s about it.

8. Do not ever make sexiest joke: This one goes without saying. Making sexist jokes is never okay, not just in the office but also outside. Be professional.

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