Be a Fashionoholic!

Be a Fashionoholic!

“Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it”- Donatella Versace.

Finally, it’s time to choose your wardrobe wisely as new sessions in college will kick off soon. And we know you all are planning to go for shopping with your friends, right?


Disney Anouk Ethnic Collection

Transition from one year to another is not an easy task. Coming into the world of college, one is required to take many paths and turns. One would be joining several societies, one will be working with cells and the most important, one will meet a lot of people. So, it is important to look refreshing every day.

So, for all those who are going to welcome their new college life, say goodbye to your old hefty denims and somber t- shirts. Give your wardrobe a complete makeover with some vibrant collection of clothes.


Disney Anouk Ethnic Collection

Go ethnic with Contemporary: Liven up your look with contemporary ethnic wear. To go bold and beautiful Disney by Anouk collection provides the best choices with multiple shades and patterns.

Bold and quirky accessories: Give your phones a makeover too! Buy a cute and quirky phone cover that matches your personality.


Star Wars T Shirt

Pop is your culture: Pick up your favourite Disney or Marvel character and flaunt them to reflect your attitude.

Stylist accessories: Decorate your phone with new star wars episode or get your favourite super hero on it.


Star Wars Power Banks

So, fashionoholics get ready to flaunt your cool and trendy fashion. What are you thinking of? Just go and try it out !

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