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BBC Reporter hit by a woman during an interview: Reports

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Light, camera, action and all went wrong

Well, if it is a recorded episode still editors have option to edit the scenes which they find inappropriate or not so good but what about live show? Live shows cannot be edited and it may include lots of things that may require editing. First it was a North Korean Expert — now it’s a TV presenter to left red-faced while on air on the BBC. Earlier, also sane incident took place.

Ben Brown during the interview
Ben Brown during the interview

Ben Brown touched woman’s breast unintentionally and she slapped him

Ben Brown was interviewing the BBC’s assistant political editor Norman Smith in Bradford when a passerby wearing sunglasses came into the shot behind them. She gave thumbs up and could be heard saying: “Absolutely fantastic.”

But the presenter pushed the woman away while grabbing her chest and continued the interview. The woman, visibly surprised, then slapped his arm and walked away. According to reports, woman is a student. She just saw the camera set up and got excited but the incident left her shocked.

Well, this incident came us surprise for a lot of people and till now million people have watched it. Many are criticizing the Brown and many are saying that is totally unintentional. Well, later

Brown said the incident was “completely unintentional”. One can easily observe it from the video that Brown was trying to minimise the distraction. But there is a proper way for everything, though he done it unintentionally but his action has ignited lot of women cells.

The video is getting viral. Since this video was uploaded on Internet a lot of people have watched it and still it is getting viral. .

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