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BB12: 5 Reasons why you should stop watching Bigg Boss

BB12: 5 Reasons why you should stop watching Bigg Boss?

We Indians are loyal people. Yes, we are very loyal that’s why shows like Big Boss, Spiltsvilla are still ruling the entertainment industry. The season 12 of Bigg Boss has already started. People all across India watch it every day from 9 pm to 10 pm which means a complete 1 hour. Well, I have don’t have anything against the show. We all have different tastes when it comes to entertainment.   If you ask any desi millennial about their favorite shows, they will say sacred games, Game of Thrones, Koffee with Karan and what not. But the popularity of Big Boss is on another level. A lot of people might love the show, but here are 5 reasons that will make you question yourself. Here are 5 reasons why you should stop watching Bigg Boss.

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 5 Reasons why you should stop watching Bigg Boss

1. There is so much aggression

The world is full of negativity and aggression. Today, there are so many books which talk about how to be positive, how to promote positivity? Do you know why? Because aggression has increased in our society. Like after a having long day at work, what’s the point of watching a few people fighting and shouting on each other. It will just make you feel more exhausted and sad.

2. Mental Sadism  is the new  black

Mental and physical sadism is now a passe. Today, we crave Mental sadism. I mean we watch people who torture each other. Remember Vikas Gupta and Shilpa Shinde spat. Shilpa made Vikas cry on the National Television. And we all enjoyed it by labeling it as High Voltage Drama.  The idea of the reality show is to analyze a person’s overall personality.  It can help people to build long-lasting relationships. But the show isn’t solving any purpose. It is only spreading hatred.

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3. Is there any social cause behind it?

Now, one can say you cannot find a social cause behind everything. True. But watching Big Boss for 1 hour is also not doing any good to us. No purpose is being served. We are not learning anything. If you love entertainment, you can watch good films.

4. We have become Voyeuristic

We people have become Voyeuristic. We love peeping in other’s life. We like to watch people pulling each other down and fight amongst them like animals.  We somehow relate to them and feel that if ( stars) can do it why can’t we?

5.  Who are these people on the show?

Why do we watch them? Who are they? People who want image makeover or someone who doesn’t know about his future projects so he/ she came to Bigg Boss. They are making money and we are wasting our time. We actually watch it during our travel, sometimes during the lunch break of offices or at home. But why? Who are these people? How can they help us?


We actually need good content on Television. Shows like Bigg Boss or any other reality show is not serving the correct purpose. They are meant for entertainment. But they have become the biggest factors in contributing more aggression in the society.

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