‘Jihadi Bigboss’ tops Twitter Trend in India: Here’s Why?


Know the truth behind the viral photo that made  ‘Jihadi Bigboss’ trend on Twitter

Bigg Boss 13 : Jihadi Bigboss was trending top in India on Sunday afternoon after a black and white image of two intimate couples went viral. The image showed two couples sharing a bed. It is claimed that the show has invited a Kashmiri Muslim man who has been deliberately partnered with a Brahmin girl to encourage Love Jihad.

The 13th season of the reality television show Bigg Boss went on air recently. The show is being hosted by the Bollywood star Salman Khan on Colors TV. People on twitter shared screenshots of unsubscribing-the-channel and complained to the Indian Broadcasting Foundation, India about the content of the show.

Few of the twitter users also blocked the Colors channel and the show-host Salman Khan.

The viral image has been found misleading               

The black and white image that is doing rounds has been found misleading by the India Today Anti-Fake News War Room (AFWA). It was found that the image is not from the Bigg Boss season 13. It is from season 9 that aired in 2015.

According to the AFWA, the man and the woman in the still image are actors Suyyash Rai and Kishwar Merchant respectively. Both these actors were contestants in the Bigg Boss season 9.

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A verified account named Atul Kushwaha shared the misleading post on Friday. It has been retweeted more than 2300 times and about 3900 people liked the post. Atul has more than 37 K followers on Twitter.

When the image was reverse checked, it was found that viral still image was a part of the multiple YouTube videos that were uploaded in October 2015. TellyMasala, a YouTube channel titled the video- Bigg Boss9: Suyyash & Kishwar Intimate on-camera.

However, it is true that a Kashmiri Muslim man Asim Riaz is presently a part of the current season of Bigg Boss.

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