‘Bat’man Rohit Sharma breaks world record, scores 264 in ODI

‘Bat’man Rohit Sharma breaks world record, scores 264 in ODI - oneworldnews

‘Bat’man Rohit Sharma breaks world record, scores 264 in ODI

This series saw India outplaying Sri Lanka in every way possible. But yesterday’s match showed us that not only the team but each and every player of the Indian team is a force to reckon with.

This was the 4th match of the series already won by India who put up a mind blowing show. Rohit Sharma displayed pure excellence making the perfect comeback after his injury.His score of 264 runs off 173 balls was a truly spectacular feat and has never been achieved before. He scored not just a double century but a fifty over that!

He had reached the 200 mark once before too scoring 209 runs against Australia and had come very close to beating the all-time top score but got out 10 runs short of the feat. But yesterday’s match saw him surpassing the previous record of the top scorer in ODI’s which was held by Virender Sehwag who’s score was 219 runs off 149 balls. Rohit Sharma became the only man to ever score a second double century and his incredible 264 became the highest runs ever for a batsman. He also became the only person to reach 250 in an ODI.

‘Bat’man Rohit Sharma breaks world record, scores 264 in ODI - oneworldnews

Rohit Sharma stole the show and broke records with a score of 264.

His unstoppable run consisted of a massive 33 boundaries and 9 sixes! He did however got caught out on the last ball by Mahela Jayawardene. Yet he didn’t seem to mind it much.

His amazing performance was applauded by a standing ovation by every person in the stadium and he was greeted by every player of the Indian team who came to applaud him as he walked off the pitch.

India gave Sri Lanka a massive target of 404 which the Sri Lankan team couldn’t even come close to losing the match by 153 runs. Sri Lanka’s total runs came to just 251 less than the aggregate of Rohit Sharma alone.

After the match the jubilant Rohit Sharma expressed his pleasure stating, “The fact that I went on to bat 50 overs that was absolutely pleasing because I’ve been working on it , to bat as long as possible so finally to do that was really good and I’m glad that the team won”.

Some commendation is also due for Virat Kohli who scored a half century yet again and finished off on 66 runs after he was run out due to a confusion between the two batsmen.

The next match will be held on Sunday 16th November at JSCA International cricket stadium, Ranchi. The match will be the final of the 5 match series. This will be the only chance for Sri Lanka to salvage some of their pride after losing 4-0 in the series already.

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