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Bacteria Can Help Eradicate Plastic from This Beautiful World

Scientists have marked yet another remarkable discovery of a bacteria that eats plastic and can save mother earth and hence us. This discovery has brought in hope that non-biodegradable plastic waste could be converted into useful form.



Dr. Shosuke Yoshida of Kyoto Institute of Technology, Japan is heading the research work and the findings are published in Science Journal. This promises the world that the chaotic plastic waste that has been polluting the mother earth could now be converted into nature.

The bacteria is said to eat plastic and is capable of digesting polythene terephalate (PET) in six weeks. Scientists have found it to be a better agent as compared to fungi, which also eats PET. PET is found in most of the bottles and plastic disposables. PET is useful in its own ways that it is transparent, lightweight and durable. However, it is harmful for the green mother earth.

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