Ayurvedic ways to fight against Deadly Fevers!

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

Delhi is burning with different types of fever

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers! :-Delhi is burning with different types of fever as cases of chikungunya and dengue are rapidly increasing. The situation has become worst now. Hospitals are running short of beds and one can see long queue of patients waiting outside the hospitals.

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Ayurvedic ways to deal with deadly fevers

Though one can recover after getting right treatment but there are Ayurvedic ways available, which can help a person to get rid of these deadly fevers easily.

Founder of Patanjali and Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev has shared 5 super foods that will surely help us to recover from the fevers.

Here’s a list of 5 super foods that Baba Ramdev has suggested and has said, that it will surely help people to fight against fevers like Chikungunya and dengue.

What all is available?

  1. Giloy

Many few of us are aware of the benefits of giloy, but it is easy to consume and can cure a lot of diseases. It is known as the powerhouse of antioxidants and can treat fever, diabetes and even arthritis. Drinking giloy juice can help a person to recover soon

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

  1. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a very common plant and it is not only good for your skin, but it also has high vitamins. It helps in proper digestion and also in detoxification. It is a natural antibiotic and boosts our immune system

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

  1. Tulsi

There are countless benefits of Tulsi. From treating our acne problem, it can also treat chronic fevers, and can help to fight against the chronic disease like cancer. One should consume its leaf daily in the morning

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

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  1. Raisins

There are a lot reasons to consume Raisins better known as Kismish .They are rich sources of vitamins, electrolytes and minerals, all of which are sure to boost your immune system. Apart from this, they are famous for treating cancer, coronary diseases, allergies, and blood pressure. Eating it daily in breakfast will help you to get rid of chronic fevers

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

  1. Papaya Leaf

Papaya leaf has always been the traditional treatment for dengue fever, because juice of papaya leaf naturally boosts our platelet count. One can have them boiled with a sprinkling of orange pulp, or make a smoothie with cucumbers and figs to take out the bitter taste

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

Prevention is better than cure

We do not give any assurance that by taking these super foods recommended by Baba Ramdev one can recover easily and no need to take medicines. In order to reaping the benefits, one should take the medicines and these magical foods too! Then only one can easily recover. After all, prevention is better than cure

Ayurvedic ways treat Deadly Fevers!

All the five foods that have been described above are easily available in the markets.

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