Awww! Little boy proposes his classmate with a real diamond ring, watch video

Real Diamond Ring

Childhood love and real diamond ring proposal

We all do have crushes during our childhood and even we get attracted to someone beyond our control. A video is getting viral in which a daddy saying that his little daughter has been proposed by her classmate in a school with a real diamond ring.

He said “Millie has been proposed to at school,” while an unseen woman, probably mom, bursts into giggles in the background. Beautiful Millie came in front of camera and told that Tommy was the one who has stolen her heart. Then dad says, “So Tommy’s proposed to Millie and she keeps saying she’s got a ring in her bag.

Take a look here:

He further added like anyone, we were expecting the… uh… Haribo ring. Daddy asked Millie to bring that ring and guess what it was not a play toy instead it was a complete giant diamond ring.

Viewed 21 million times

Well, video was posted only four days ago but it has been viewed 21 million times and has over 228,000 shares. Some people are noting that as grown adults they do not have a ring as nice as the one young Millie received during her classroom proposal.

Real Diamond Ring

Adults can’t afford this much expensive rings now but it’s clear that little Tommy can afford anything for Millie. It is also cleared that Tommy must have borrowed the ring, so Millie’s parents must give her ring back. But must say it was a beautiful love gesture shown by Tommy and it has become a memory for Millie that will be cherished for life time.

This was such an adorable gesture showed by Tommy for Muillie. Adults might face difficulty in finding their true soul mate, but Tommy and Millie have proved that love is pure and unconditional.

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