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Avoid these Salty Foods!

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An average adult consumes around 9 grams of salt per day. The figures are quite alarming!


This is one of the reasons responsible for rise of hypertensive patients nowadays.


High intake of sodium is the main culprit of stroke or heart attack. Needless to mention the effect of salt consumption on increasing the chances of feeling bloated up.


Avoid these Salty Foods!


The surprising part is that the sodium in your food does not primarily come from your kitchen cabinet. According to scientists more than 77 percent of the salt burden comes from junk or processed food.


So, if you intend to cut down your salt intake, simply refrain from buying the processed salty foods from the supermarket.


Pre-cooked shrimps:

Shrimps may appear to be healthy but pre-cooked shrimps and fishes are processed with salt before storing them under refrigerator.


Buying fresh seafood is the best alternative.  Crab is a good and healthy seafood option because it contains omega 3 fatty acids and vitamin B12 but even this should be taken in moderate amount owing to its high salt content.


Cold cuts and cured meats:

Sodium is found in high amount in cured meats. Pre-packaged sausages or salami contain as high as 1000 mg of sodium.


Salad Dressing:

Most people start their meal with a good amount of dressed salad but they are not aware that these salads add to their daily salt intake by as high as two to three times. Soy sauce is commonly added to salads and it contains around 335 mg of sodium. Avoid using such sodium-rich sauces. You can use vinegar and oil to dress your regular salads.


Canned Goods:

When you shop for canned foods, remember to check their labels. You will be amazed to know that a spoon of canned tomato sauce will account for more than 20 percent of your daily salt intake.



The yummy delicious cheese is another thing you should eat in limited amount. While speaking about cheese, the nature of cheese should always be kept in mind. Swiss cheese is a safe alternative as compared to cheddar cheese or American cheese. A single piece of Swiss cheese has merely 20mg of sodium while similar piece of cheddar or American cheese has 100 mg and 468 mg respectively.





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