Avika Gor is Disciplined, Driven & Inspiring: Reasons why we love her?

Avika Gor is inspiring young women by making the right choices. Here are a few reasons why we adore here?

No one can forget the iconic character of Anandi from Balika Vadhu. The show was a massive hit. Balika Vadhu beautifully touched on the social issue of child marriage.  The show ran on the television for 8 long years. Avika Gor who played Anandi in the show still holds a special place in our hearts. Over the years, she has grown into a beautiful woman, who disciplined, driven and has her heart in the right place. Recently, she made headlines for refusing to promote fairness cream and she deserves applause for it.  She justified her decision by saying,

“I’m blessed to be in a position to not have to worry about losing out on money when it’s serving the large need of the society of equality. So, I just couldn’t do it.”

But it is not the only reason why we love and adore Avika Gor.

At the age of 23, she is an inspiration to millions of girls out there.  From fearlessly talking about her insecurities to opening her own production house, Avika is giving out some major bose babe goals.  Let us take a look at the reasons for loving Avika a little more every day.

1. She has her heart in the right place

Avika Gor decided to turn down the offer to promote a fairness cream. She decided to bust fake beauty standards and want women to believe in themselves and embrace themselves. Avika says fair skin is not equivalent to beautiful.  She turned down the offer and gave out a strong message that we as a society have to stop promoting fake beauty standards. Avika said that confidence doesn’t come from applying fairness cream. It comes from your knowledge, work ethic and commitment.

  1. When she talked about a healthy mind and healthy body

Last year, she came out and addressed her thyroid and PCOD health condition on Instagram. She openly posted about it on her social media and tried to spread awareness. She focused on the importance of treating our bodies well and doing things that are in our control. I think everyone should read this piece of advice from Avika, especially young girls.

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  1. She is invested in her relationship and give us major relationship goals

Avika Gor is dating Roadies fame Milind Chandwani and keeps giving us major relationship goals. On November 11, 2020, she shared an image with her boyfriend and shared a long note on a perfect partner. She decided to make her relationship public. Avika explained the feeling of being in true love. It is completely surreal to find someone who understands us well and brings out the best in us and we couldn’t agree more!

  1. Avika owns a production house & a Telugu film is underway

Avika is just 23 and she is inspiring AF! She has opened her own Production House and we were in complete aww! She proved that focus and determination is everything in life.  It is important to keep accomplishing your goals. Baby steps take you to great heights.

  1. The way she practices gratitude

At such a young age, she understands the power of gratitude. Avika is thankful for all the opportunities she has received. This is a major takeaway from her. We adore and love her because she knows the power of gratitude. She is a millennial superstar and we love the way she conducts herself. Her Instagram is full of posts that will inspire you to do better in life. One should check her Instagram and you can thank us later for it.

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