Analysis: 5 Reasons why you can’t afford to miss Avengers Endgame

One in 14 million reasons to watch Avengers: Endgame

Avengers Endgame released last weekend and has been winning people’s heart all over the world.  The Movie has garnered more than 1.2 billion over the weekend worldwide crushing records in many countries. It is being loved by all the Marvel fans and is likely to be the end of the Avengers Saga of 22 Movies.

It’s not just a movie! It’s emotion

This movie is not just a movie for their fans; it is an emotion and also part of their life. The fictional superheroes played by some amazing actors have become a real-life person for fans. Marvel has created a big fan following for their movies which is giving them the results in big numbers at the box office. Before you read this, we must warn you there may be minor spoilers.

Avengers are broke and looking for options to avenge

We don’t need to point out the reasons to watch this movie. The name itself says it all.  All those people who have never watched a movie in the theatre and want their first time to be a special one. This is it. The movie is an emotional ride which continues the story from Avengers: Infinity war where Thanos killed half the population on earth. The first hour of the movie is Avengers fighting the mental themselves from the chaos created by the villain.

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Is Captain worthy enough to lift the hammer?

The movie is an ultimate satisfaction for moviegoers as movie recreates previous scenes from various Marvel movies. Captain American finally gets to lift the hammer of Thor. Oh, wait! Wasn’t Thor’s hammer was destroyed by his sister. How did it come back and how Captain America became worthy to lift it? To know these answers you need to head to nearest theatres.

No! You can’t take a loo break

You won’t want to take any break in a 3-hour movie and want the movie to continue till eternity. All the scenes are gripping and will keep the audience hook like a magnet. The movie has one of the best battle Scenes ever shown on a big screen with so many characters in a single frame. In Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange sees 14 million outcomes of their battle to Thanos and they win them only once. This movie is worth Doctor’s Strange giving up his time stone to and saving Iron Man’s Life because of Iron man… No! We know where to put down the shutter.

All the characters seem shabby as they have lost friends or family. Thor, Hulk, Raccoon, and Rhodey have taken the humor under their armor and they deliver it with perfection. The movie has drama, thrill, unbelievable action which marvel delivers in every movie, humor, and emotions. The writers very well know which chords to hit to emotionally connect with the audiences.

Don’t Look into other people’s eyes

We don’t want to give you any spoiler so will recommend this movie for sure. This movie is for all age and all genre lovers. We would suggest one more thing, don’t look at the eyes and cheeks of the people who are just existing from the theater while you are entering.

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