Let me ask you something: were you born with attitude? Or you developed it while growing up? Obviously we develop it while growing up but have you ever thought what determines your attitude? Do you know mostly our attitude develops during our formative years?

There are three factors that determine our attitude:

  • Environment
  • Experience
  • Education

Now let me explain you all the factors.

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It consists of following places:

  • Home
  • School
  • Television program, radio, movies etc.
  • Cultural background
  • Religious background
  • Tradition and beliefs
  • Social environment
  • Political environment

All these surroundings develop our attitude. In a positive environment a marginal performer’s output goes up. Whereas in a negative environment, a good performer’s output goes down.


Our behavior changes its colour according to our experience with various people from time to time. If we had a positive experience with a person we will have a positive attitude likely towards him and if we have a negative experience with a person we will have a negative attitude likely towards him.


Our knowledge is converted into wisdom and that same wisdom converts into success. An educator has a vital role in our life. A teacher affects the student’s eternity. Education ought to teach us not only to make a living but also how to live.     

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