Personal attack on Arnab Goswami is not justified no matter what he does?

Was personal attack on Aranb Goswami justified? An unapologetic take

The senior anchor and co-founder at Republic TV, Arnab Goswami claimed on Thursday that he was “attacked” by two men while he was on his way to home. The prime-time anchor at both Hindi and English Republic networks claimed in a video that two men on scooter blocked his path and tried to broke the window-shield.

He also claimed that the security personnel saved him from the attackers. When security personnel went to the attackers, they found that they were attacking due to the direct orders of Congress, claimed Arnab. Police who are investigating the incident said, “the political affiliations of both the attackers are yet to be verified.”

Arnab in the same video blamed Sonia Gandhi for this and said that if anything happens to him, Congress interim President Sonia Gandhi will be responsible for it.

Significantly, Arnab Goswami asked some tough questions from Sonia Gandhi in a news programme. He asked why she is quiet on the mob-lynching of two Sadhus and a driver in Palghar? He also said that Sonia Gandhi would be happily sitting in his home as she is numb about the incident.

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What Does Arnab endorse?

We all know what kind of journalism Arnab Goswami practices. Journalism in India is witnessing a low time.He faces backlash a lot of time and he isn’t the only one who is baised. Honestly, the list is long.

We could easily see the desperation of communalizing the lynching of Sadhus in Maharashtra with Hindu-Muslim angle given to it. Before this, we also saw communization of the gathering of migrant labourers at Bandra Railway Station where it was said that why labourers gathered near a Masjid?

The personal attacks on Sonia Gandhi could be a weapon to create tensions between the Shiv Sena- NCP- Congress government. Congress leaders might want Uddhav, being the CM of Maharashtra to take action against Arnab, and hence, Arnab could play the martyr. The Republic anchor seems to have won the first round already after alleged congress goons chasing his car and attacking him.

If the Maharashtra CM chooses not to take action against him, he would look weak against the supremacy of hate politics that Uddhav has already disowned. Anyway, it is a win-win situation for the Republic anchor.

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Arnab a great actor, though!

Some believe that what Arnab does is nothing less than what an actor does on a film screen. He reads his lines, remembers his dialogues and shouts in front of the camera. Is this a kind of Journalism, Goswami wants the students of journalism to learn? How media could be the fourth pillar of democracy if it teaches you to hate and brings you closer to violence.

Whatever, Arnab is doing in his profession doesn’t gives anyone the right to attack him. If you really think that he is spreading hate and increasing the communal thoughts, you can always go to the police or court. But attacking him would be the same thing he endorses.

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