Atanu Ghosh creates ‘Adda’ magic with ‘Abby Sen’

Atanu Ghosh is a renowned Indian filmmaker. Based out of Kolkata, he has churned out masterpieces, and has even won the National Award in the process.

For the present generation, 80s is like a bygone era. This was a time without the internet, TV soaps, mobiles, computers (in their present avatar), and other high end sophistry. Communications were simpler, using the telegraph and other century old techonolgies.

Atanu Ghosh creates ‘Adda’ magic with ‘Abby Sen’


To while away time, specially in Kolkata, people used to gather at street corners in informal groups called ‘Addas’ to discuss the day’s happenings.

Recreating this magical era, Ghosh has made a film called ‘Abby Sen’, in a comic science fictional setting, somewhat remniscent of ‘Back to the Future’ one would hazard to guess.

Given his finesse, and eye for detail, this is a film worth looking forward to.

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