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One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 04th May – 10th May, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Pandey Rai.


Aries : You will be in highly serene state and helping a needy will be your pleasure. You might raise your voice on others which may not be taken in right perspective. Even for your own financial aspect, there is possibility of appraisal at work which can be further materialized in coming weeks.


Taurus : You shall be able to maintain a very good atmosphere at home because of financial status and your positive approach. Your mother can be cause of concern for you in coming days. Try to avoid any major decision as this may go against you.


Gemini : This Week brings a big list of expenditure in renovating your interiors or changing your vehicles. Your professional success will not give you any botheration about such expenses. Your health can be reason of concern of this week. You can have slight problem related to stomach or digestion in coming days.


Cancer : Friends will be the high-lighted term of this week as they will give you either immense pleasure or severe heart-breaks. You will have many options to earn money but at the same time obstacles will be more to achieve them finally. Time has come to realize your fault.


Leo: Prospects of promotion or some accolades at your workplace can be there. You will have support from authority or boss in coming days which will be a booster factor for you to fight against any situations gleefully. Your mother’s health can be disturbed.


Virgo : After a long strive with your destiny, finally you will land-up at the right place of your workplace. You will be lacking your patience but your balance in your effort and spirituality or purity of your work will attain certain height of achievements which will be considered as commendable.


Libra: Some of you will be inclined towards secretive actions .Your harsh words can distort your image among your people so you must weigh your words before speaking. Lawyers, Educationists or whosoever are working in finance departments, may have strong prospects to get appraisal at work.


Scorpio : This week will compel you to realize what you missed the most in your life in last few days. And the needle of your answer will stuck at your happiness in marital life. But Jupiter’s aspect will make you think in positive direction of life. Your profession can be hit a bit.


Sagittarius : Your eyes or teeth can bother you in this week. You will not have god relation with your partner. Having helpful people around you can create space for you to think at right direction of your agenda. Focusing on your main target will give you success for sure.


Capricorn : After a long tussle of a couple of weeks over the issue of romance, you will finally find yourself free bird. You will relish outings, picnics or any recreational activities with your friends or neighbors. Students will do better in their studies.


Aquarius : You will have a comfortable week at workplace. Your creativity or ideas will be recognized but your attitude at personal level with your dear ones will be little tough. Your kids shall bother you. Your romantic life will be disturbed. Overall, an average week can be expected.


Pieces : Certain circumstances which you have been avoiding since long, you will be facing in coming days. So, get ready to face anything coming on your way. Relation with parents will not be cordial. Financial gain will be moderate .

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