One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week 15th June – 21st June, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey,.


Aries : Being extra courageous will prove fruitless. Mercury is getting direct on 12th June, this can help you to feel comfortable with your cousins. Your communication approach will gradually improve. Your focus will be too much into the activities or progress of your kids which will divert your mind from your own issues.



Taurus : Your financial matters will eventually put in proper order. Your career will be upscaling gradually. Your mind will be more inquisitive in finance. Those, who have their own work, will be able to strike at the right time to get a good deal. Overall a hectic but productive week can be expected.



Gemini : Your lord is now in good condition which will give you mental peace. Some of you will get an opportunity to travel abroad. For businessmen, this phase will be a beneficial one. Chances of monetary benefits are better than before.


Cancer : In coming days, you will spend money impulsively. Area of romance will prove grey for now. If you are in marriageable age, you can expect a marriage proposal very soon. Your boss can be annoying and there is chances of you to take a drastic step against the situation, take care of your decision.



Leo: Your busy schedule will keep you away from your loved ones. Marital happiness is ensured, it can be either by getting a proposal or by the good care of your partner. Finance will be one more aspect to celebrate this week. Overall a very successful week ahead.



Virgo : Despite many obstacles and delay, your mission will be accomplished. Your fortune in the field of career, family or finance all seems come to your way in coming days. A very good work proposal is waiting for you. Enjoy with the gifts of love, success and wealth from god in coming days.



Libra: Your radius of thinking will be from your work to money. Your success will encourage to pursue this habit which can be bothering for your loved ones. Money will come effortlessly more than your expectation. Such situation will compensate other adverse conditions.



Scorpio : Mercury’s turning into direct will be quiet helpful for you in the field of getting good friends, boss or money. Now, get up and make yourself mentally prepare to enjoy pleasurable coming days with your near and dear ones. Your relation with spouse will be better than last few days.



Sagittarius : Businessmen will have good time in interacting with their dealers. Your kids’ performance will be disappointing for you which will tarnish your happiness. Over interference of elders in your personal matters will also bother you.


Capricorn : Lack of dedication towards work will be a big obstacle in your venture. Your luck will help you to sail through every situation easily. Relation with boss will be a big question mark in this week. You may involve in some relationship seriously. Overall a slow and calm week ahead.



Aquarius : Inner peace will be in toss. You will earn your accolade through own efforts and skill. Finance will be area of concern. You will have a sense of insecurity regarding your public image. Your ambition will be delayed to get into your life. Have patience and positive attitude.


Pieces : After last few weeks, you will find better condition at your surroundings. You will get support from your spouse which will give you strength to exert your energy in constructive ways. You will enjoy company of your kids. A week full of recreation and fun for you ahead.


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