Astrology: 9th June – 15th June


Astrology: 9th June – 15th June

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: One of the best periods for writers, journalists or travelers will be experienced in this week. Bloggers can try their hand in expressing them in an easy way through the blog. Sportspersons of this sign will get success in their events. But stay careful while dealing with younger siblings. The financial aspect will be satisfactory. A week, full of action is approaching you.


Taurus: Your ego will play a role to diminish the pleasant style of your life to be for the time being. Being too much of verbal take toll of our relationship with loved ones. Your aggression for certain thing may rise to the extent of some destruction. You are advised to stay patient. Mother’s support in any form will be a great relief.


Gemini: This week will bring agility in your mental and physical approach. Your decision will be taken politically and strategically. Your peace maybe definitely disturbed. Money matter will not bother you much. Health is in dire need of your attention. You may be missing some of your duties unknowingly. Self-introspection with genuine heart is highly needed in this period.


Cancer: Marital happiness seems disturbed due to any nonsense reason, it could be traveling or being mostly out of the home. You will put an effort to expand your friend circle by inviting them or going out with them and success will be there on your way. But your workplace may not go so well as per your expectation. Wait for some more time to improve even that aspect too.


Leo: This week will bring pious thought and ideas in your mind. Your effort to justify and execute those ideas will get appreciated among loved ones. Try not to lose your temperament in any situation. Especially, mince your words twice before putting them up in public. Your belief in traditional ways and things will increase. You will find it difficult to accumulate money in this period.


Virgo: You will try to give your best at work but somewhere you will find it difficult to concentrate at work. You may find your colleagues are bitching behind your back. This presumption will bother you the most. Avoid over thinking and getting annoyed for those matters which don’t have any evidence. But your image in public will be intact. A good week with a lot of misconceptions is approaching your way.


Libra: Your week is full of events with friends and most of them may be unplanned. But you will overjoy the company and outings altogether. Same happiness won’t be found at home in this period. Your enemies may extend their hands for friendship or they will try to connect you through any source of media. Educators, consultants or bankers would have a good time.


Scorpio: Venus will give you bit relief in disturbance of your conjugal life. One of your acquaintance, whom you used to think like your enemy, will be your help in these days. Gain from inheritance or anything without any effort can come in your kitty. Your interest in secret science or occult science will be more.


Sagittarius: Malefic planets have enveloped your thought process in many aspects of life. You may find a lack of satisfaction in your married life and there may be a number of reasons. Even meeting people or being in public won’t give you happiness. You will realize more hidden enemies in your life, who will try to overpower you. But the situation will dissolve their intentions.


Capricorn: Week will begin with a lot of complications in situations around you, but eventually everything will be settled by the end of the week. Foes will turn into friends as planets indicate. Health needs attention and physical workout. You may face issues related to home decor or vehicle in this period. A mixed bag is there this week for you.


Aquarius: Meeting people and planning for big projects may disillusion you in guiding the right path. Your child may be the reason for concern this week. Students will perform better. Chances of getting a source of money but with obstacles indeed. Siblings will bother you definitely and you will not be able to avoid reacting their actions. This week needs your patience and calm attitude the most. 


Pisces: Your main concern for this week is your siblings. Your opinion about them will be weird. It’s time to give a thought over your judgment over them and their actions. You will be dominating and harsh with your spouse too. This is a phase where you must give a thought over your overall attitude with family members as well as loved ones. Work on the vulnerable area to get it in proper shape.

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