Astrology : 9th December- 15th December


Astrology : 9th December- 15th December

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Your confidence would definitely appreciable. You will be very talkative and expressive among your friend circle. Your good communication skill will attract more than one opportunities on your way. If you have been planning to avail loan, it’s not the right time. You may get some news regarding inheritance. Rethink about your decision.


Taurus: Worries about work and responsibility will be hovering over your head. Your involvement at work may disturb your family life. Beware of misguidance. Businessmen will be at the profit end. Your love for spicy food will me more and you may cross your limit in maintaining diet plan. This may further disturb your digestion.


Gemini: Be ready to face unexpected opponents from unexpected corner of life. You have been continuously maintaining strategy to keep intact your image with loved ones. Though. You are well aware of truth, this may internally bother you regularly. Your spouse will be in driving seat to take lead in most of your ventures. And you could find yourself a failed person in social relationship. A lukewarm week can be expected.


Cancer: Aggressive statement or mail may be justified but it may go against you, so it’s advised to stay away from such way of interaction. Short air travel should be avoided for this period.  Otherwise, this period could be upbeat for you. You may feel sleep deprive in this week and reason can be your anxiety for sake of nothing. Try to follow a strict routine in your day-to-day life to avoid such anxiety.


Leo: You may be active in writing or any other creative skill after long span. Your logic will have substance to accept and appreciate definitely. Younger siblings and neighbor will be part of your personal and mental happiness. You could feel ray of hope in many aspects of life in this period.  Professional from Hotel industries, communication and education may have good time.


Virgo: Striving for and at work place will continue in this week too. But disturbance in education or office may not be changed. Your uninterrupted effort to win over your enemies would finally work but patience will work wonder. You may be disturbed due to your being away from your child and reason may vary from person to person.


Libra: You may be confused in relationship. It could go beyond an ethical boundary. Be careful before leaping into any new move. Your will find yourself gloomy with of course low-spirit. You will value your friends more than family. This may be reason of dispute in this period. Females should be attentive, if they have any issue related to the department of gynecology, take extra precaution.


Scorpio: You will experience a minor windfall in this period. But dispute with spouse for silly reason cannot be avoided. You would like to take backseat in taking any family decision. You will be in mood to go for party, outing or any other form of recreation. Overall you will find yourself in safe position but in public you will display your unpleasant state of mind.


Sagittarius: This week could be lucky with a lovely get-together specially with opposite genders. Unethical attitude would also be justified you. Go for self-introspection or meditation. Pessimistic approach towards life may rise in this period. It will be difficult for you to focus at work. Marital life could be disturbed in this week.


Capricorn: You would like to socialize with friends and some of them you may plan to meet, could be your old friends. Romance will be in air. Your passion will become a vital part of your work. Such situation may help you to enhance your interest at your work. By the end of the week, you may plan to get married and settled soon but this feeling won’t long last.


Aquarius: Time to fight and face your opponents but play safe and decent game of life. Your dilemma over the situation would be too strong to take your call. You will spend more time in spirituality or any pious work still your temperament would not be under control. Drive safe in this period. Monetary stability will be intact.


Pisces: Professional front looks brighter in this period. Business person will also be having good time. But stay watchful about your behavior with your loved ones to keep yourself safe from being hurt by them. Some health tips will be received by your authentic doctor, which will definitely give you peace and contentment. Overall. A good week can be seen.

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