Astrology: 9 September- 15 September

Astrology: 9 September- 15 September

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  Lord of your sign will give you mixed results. You may have a minor conflict with your children. You would like to be proactive in all of your duties but success may not come in that pace. Support of spouse will be more than your expectations. Exporters would have good dealings. Those, who have been working for a foreign company or waiting for a foreign project, they may get a good opportunity, if their individual chart also supports.


Taurus: Your focus will be more towards health and hygiene due to the situation. You would like to spend your time more on the gym or any other way to work out. Be more careful, if you have any history of the Heart-related issue. Artists may witness one of the best time. Profession and financial aspect will be moderately good.


Gemini:  This week will bring a lot of misconceptions about your siblings. It will take time to come out of the illusion that your opinion about your loved ones was influenced by somebody. This may cause a lack of peace in your life for a short period. Your bold step and statement may help others not your own. Your inclination towards chanting a mantra or reading spiritual stories may rise-up.


Cancer: Your voice can be strong while putting up before anybody, stay careful. There is no doubt about your intentions but everybody would not be in that receiving mode. You will find yourself bereaved of romantic life for quite some time. Success in business could be expected. Inner comfort will be felt in these days. Enjoy your time.

Leo:  An apt balance in your opinion and presenting it in public will be noticed. Your crystal clear thought about most of the aspects of life will be rewarded in several forms. Happiness from children will be another flavor of your week. Mother can be a reason for concern in this period. You may get a news related to increment. Overall, a good week is on your way to relish.


Virgo: Lot of reasons and ways to spend money can be seen in an upcoming week. You may take-up a short journey but you cannot expect much success in it. Being reluctant about your decision may drag you to the wrong path. It’s suggested to take advice from a wise person before finalizing any decision. Friends should be kept out of your personal life otherwise you will continuously be disturbed by them.


Libra: Friend from far away region or religion will come forward to help you in any form. Students of this sign will get a win-win situation for most of their work. But you will miss the inner peace, especially at home. Otherwise, your overall success rate will rise-up in comparison with the previous week. Think before indulging into any relationship because it won’t last long.


Scorpio: Kind of fear and courage both will be found in your behavior and approach towards your friends and family members. If your individual chart does support the condition then you may handle the situation wisely. Your hard work may pay you suddenly and this would be the best part of this period.


Sagittarius:  Whether you realize it or not but your friends, irrespective of gender, would be the focus of your week. A win-win situation will be there for you from everywhere. Enjoy the period and try to exert optimum benefit from it. ENT will be the area of concern. Rest, if your personal horoscope supports, you are going to have a gala time.


Capricorn: Planets are creating such a situation, where you will have to put an extra effort to control your temperament. But no wonder, Jupiter will help you to control it in a superficial way. Your desire to do something adventurous may be in toss for the time being. Your wishes will be fulfilled at a low pace.


Aquarius: This week will give you a lot of reasons to justify your mistakes. The money will not be used for a genuine reason. Pessimistic thinking will be hovering in your mind which may be far away from the reality. Sit, think, rethink, and then only decide your goal or final opinion. You won’t be able to escape from an unknown fear for more than one situations.

Pisces: A beautiful feeling will be felt during this period. You will have a dual state of mind about your desires, whether you should accept & agree with it or not. Finally, you will get some significant idea about your apt move towards your desire. Financial security will be experienced during this period. Opponents will not be able to face you easily.

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