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Astrology: 8th October -14th October

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   Astrology:  8th October -14th October

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:  Your area of concern will be either your children or education in this period. Your loved ones would have lot of expectation from you and spending time to fulfil them will be your motto of this week. Opponents may have tough time to face you. But this situation will keep your partner deprived of your love.


Taurus: Students will get success but with obstacles. Your silly ignorance about health may cause difficulty for you. Foreign trip will not turn into a beneficial one. Be careful about your public image in this period. Diet should be taken under healthy observation. Technical professionals will perform better in this week. Overall a lukewarm period can be assured.


 Gemini: Interest in different area of art will be experienced. Kids will give reason to think and enjoy. Some of you will be involved into relationship. Inner happiness will be missed. Situation will turn in your side with slow pace and size of financial gain will be smaller than expectation. You will either adopt the fake life style to save your public image or wrong way of impressing others.


 Cancer: This planetary condition will again trigger your romantic life. Otherwise week will continue in same usual pace. Parents will be in the condition of helping you in every form. Lot of discussions may be there with your mother and if your running period is not supportive, this discussion may turn into argument. A week full of dilemma can be seen at this position.


 Leo: Health may disturb you with seasonal ailments, especially if you have any issue related to ENT. Your name and fame will enhance either through money, strength or behavior. Your communication will be amazingly perfect to face and experience it in positive way. Your public image will be appreciated.


 Virgo: This week, you will be experiencing gains of all of your efforts. Investments plans will be executed properly. By the end of week, an iota of change may be felt in your life. Your effort will not be recognized as they deserve. Routine will be messed-up due to unexpected reason. Delay your plan of having child or conceiving in this period.


Libra: After long time, this period would bring one of the best period for you in several ways. Your health may get affected or if you have any history of certain disease, it’s the time when it may recur. Gain from unexpected source can be possible. You may take up short trip. Your father’s suggestion will guide you the best, but this planetary position may either not let you follow or will find it difficult to follow.


Scorpio: You will take-up your task with full of zest and success will be on your way. Expenses may go high and this will disturb your budget for the moment. After few months, your anxiety regarding your mother or home will be sorted out.  Despite money will go out of your expectation, you won’t deny the luxury or any sort of pleasure.


Sagittarius: Excursion, outing, and fun all these are there in your way. Your lord will be moving in Scorpio by the end of this week. Friends will be strength in your day-to-day activities. Keep a check on your blood pressure, if you have any such family History. You will be enjoying to lead family and such condition will make you a bit arrogant.


Capricorn:  You will have humble attitude in your general behavior. Your control over temperament would be amazing. Your work place will be better place. Your courage will be multiple times to take major decision of your life. Investing in home décor and vehicles may be in your latest agenda. You may enjoy your own company and leaving people aside, will not be a tough situation for you.


Aquarius: Meeting influential people and moving in big society will not be a strange thing for you in this week.  Still your marital life will be in dicey situation. Travelling will be there in this period but it will not turn into a success.  Be careful in sending message in writing. Growth in career is knocking now.


Pisces: Your lord Jupiter is transiting in better house. This situation will gradually improve your health, Relation with siblings will also move into better direction. Your children will have good guidance and success in their kitty. Overall condition will give you immense pleasure to you in this period.

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