Astrology: 8th July 2018 To 14th July 2018

Astrology: 8th July 2018 To 14th July 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to”


Aries: You will have your own quota of illusions which may haunt you and your attitude towards people around. Temperamental issue will spoil your image if not handled wisely. Avoid rash driving or drink and drive during this period. Respect for your spouse will be more. Short travelling may be taken up and this will turn into a successful one.


Taurus: Action of yours, taken in this period will definitely give you word of appreciation from the people around. Prospects of getting involved into relationship look strong. Air travel may be possible in this week. But relation with spouse won’t be good and main reason for such condition will only due to your popularity in social life.


Gemini:You will be thinking more about earning money and accumulation of money simultaneously.  Romantic life may revive a bit for the time being. Take care of your eyes; even dental problems may relapse if you had it earlier. The best part of this week will be your sober approach to sort out any of situation in a blink.


Cancer: Mixed attitude of emotional and temperamental of yours will confuse your loved ones. Money will be utilized for the genuine reasons. Your inclination will suddenly shift towards spirituality of any religious activity. Certainly you will miss your love life and feeling of jealousy with friends will prevail in this period. A very sensitive period can be seen.


Leo: You will roam around socials with friends and partying, recreation or any sort of outing can be taken up by you in this week.  Fortune will support you in many ways. Your worry from child may relax you now. But you will be stubborn in few matters. Your effort at work will be noticeable at work place. Money will be spent on pleasures.


Virgo:  You may get involved with a person who would not belong to your religion and this relation won’t last long. Students will be stuck at their own unwise decision which may lead them to wrong place. Others are enjoying their life in this period, specially related to luxuries and other worldly things. Loan or any other debts will get ways to clear it soon.


Libra: This week will take entry with bang-on situation in many aspects of your life. Those, who have been waiting for promotion or increments, this is the time, when they can expect a news or ray of hope. Even you will be filled with positive energy to give your best for any of your goal. Friends will be very co-operative for you. A good week is heading on your way.


Scorpio: Your courage will push you to take-up various tasks but an unknown force will compel you to pull you out from executing any of your plans. Relation with siblings won’t look good in coming days. You would like to avoid some of your duties or commitments in this week. Bit of obstacles would add another delay in giving result.


Sagittarius:  Pessimism and any unexpected thought may hover in your mind In this period which will help you to try acting smart in public. Tough, your trick won’t give success to you. Your continuous effort to get your children on successful path may give you pain due to their disobedience and this will further keep you alone. Try to avoid using any lie in family.


Capricorn: Getting chance to meet and greet influential people. You may get opportunity prove your worth before your opponents. Your determination and effort will put you to the right spot. Your relationship with the people who are younger than you can be expected. You may travel abroad. Your satisfaction with partner will not be up to the mark and this may cause your distraction.


Aquarius:  This week alarms you about your progeny, if you are expecting a child. Others should also be careful about their children which may be cause of concern for you in this period.  There is possibility of being separate from your spouse due to any reason. But your relation with siblings may improve.  Your spiritual activity will increase.


Pisces: Your mind will be over-active and fluctuating in emotion. Many expectations from relatives may disappoint you. Stomach needs care and in short, good food requires maintaining your digestion. Avoid outside food. Mother may be reason of concern. Do not mess-up with anybody  otherwise you may experience defeat.

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