Astrology: 6th October-12th October

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Astrology: 6th October-12th October

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This planetary condition will portray you as a sober and grave persona in public. Hidden enemies may surfaced-up in this period. Good news from spouse can be expected. Students may show interest in studies. Moreover, sportsmanship will be found in the native of this sign. Businessmen as well as service men will get sources of income or increment.


Taurus: You will be facing some kind of opinion differences with family members or dispute upfront can be expected. Your aggression and temperament will be more in this period. Your opponents will not be able to face you, but you cannot ignore hidden enemies behind your back. Your inclination towards occult sciences will be more in this period.


Gemini: Your relation with mother and spouse does won’t look pleasant. Gloomy attitude will be reflecting in your personality. Despite few obstacles your professional aspect will be good. Avoiding argument with partner will work wonder in this period.The best part of this week will be your calmness in your reaction for every situation.


Cancer: Planets are pushing your courage to execute lot of your plans in proper way. Students will find it difficult to perform in this period. You may have dispute with siblings. Stay careful. In spite of other odds in your life, you will find peace in yourself. You will be at your best in managing your surroundings peacefully.


Leo: You would like to take front seat in family matters willingly and you will be able to justify your role. You may have to face the blame game played at work place. But you will be able to manage your dignity by controlling your tongue. Anxiety and hopelessness will be experienced in this period internally. This period indicates to work silently without any expectation.


Virgo: Your strategy and skill will be recognized among your people. Gains in power or position can be expected in this period. Financial gains can be seen in these days. Mother will be reason of concern in this period. Your ego will keep on creating problem in relationship. This is good time for matrimonial alliance in this week.


Libra: This is time to sacrifice for sake of loved ones. You are definitely going to participate in charity work or anything for social upliftment in any form. Chances of being tagged as spendthrift is very much in to your card. Your approach will be a bit timid and extremely decent. Married people may face disturbance in their routine life due to any random reason.


Scorpio: Party, recreation, outings such events are very much into the agenda of your upcoming week. Your boss or colleagues will come forward to help you. Sometime you will be straight talker, this can bother others. This attitude may keep you isolated at times. At the same time you will enjoy the best of luxury you could have.


Sagittarius: Shaken confidence as well as isolation will be in the top of your priority list. You may face a situation which will prove hindrance in your professional success. Friends’ especially female friends are going to help for any of your need. Students of this sign will get success in their mission. Overall, a good time can be expected.


Capricorn: Aggression and guts to reach your goal will help you to attain it easily and effortlessly. You will be more extrovert in your regular behavior in this period. Marital happiness will be missing due to any reason. But thinking about charity or doing something for underprivileged society will be very much into your mind as well as action as per your own affordability.


Aquarius: You will not even realize your communication will not be taken seriously. You may be considered as garrulous among your people. This attitude will not only disturb your personal life , this may bother your professional life too. Despite this kind of opposition from your own people, you will sail through smoothly.


Pisces: Week will begin with same tempo as it advances it will eventually change into a better week. You will face dispute with your business partner. Be careful about your image in public as it is not very easy to retain your image in public decently. A moderate week at work can be experienced in this period.

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