Astrology : 6th January – 12th January


Astrology : 6th January – 12th January

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Planets will create such a situation which may take you towards spirituality or isolation willingly. Your communication can spoil an old relationship. It’s better to delay your decision or involvement in family affair. Temperamental issue may ruin your image. If you have been working in tour & travelling, stay more careful at work. Your marital life may get disturbed due to your short-tempered attitude in this period.


Taurus: This week is favouring you to get involve into romance or relationship but this relationship may not prolong. “Speech is silver, silence is gold” should be adopted in this period to avoid any dispute. Students will perform better. In general, this week will give you success in most of your ventures.


Gemini: There is a prospect of an argument with your spouse. But your smart move will sort it out in a short while. Favorable planets are going to support you at professional front. Health will be seeking your attention. If you have even slight doubt about the symptom of diabetes, immediately visit your family doctor. Money matter would be satisfactory.


Cancer: This period seems good financially but your mood would definitely going to get fluctuated due to over-thinking. If you will try to send message or mail to resolve any issue, it may back fire to you. Wait for the right time to express your feelings before your friends or family. Stay careful from street animals or even your own pet may hurt you unwillingly.


Leo: This period will be specially good for those who belong to Occult sciences or any paranormal activities. You may get appreciation at workplace.  You may feel a bit disappointment regarding your bank savings. Many people come on your way , some of them would be your old friends. But such situation will also hardly effect your attitude.


Virgo: Your concern for mother will be more in this period and if her personal time is also not supportive then she may fall ill. Despite adverse situation, your determination to get your goal will give you courage to keep going. You will miss some major factor at home and this may agitate you. Some of you are going to get an advance step from friendship to marriage in this period.


Libra: Time to relish your friends and their company. It’s a good time for writers or journalists to give justice to their work. If you are involved with any legal issue and you are sure about your genuine deed, this is the right time to speak for your right. This will definitely give you justice. Do not mess-up with your siblings, as it may distort the relationship with them. A lukewarm week can be expected.


Scorpio: Time to rejuvenate, rejoice and roam around with your kids or loved ones. This is the time when you may release your tension with loved ones and restart New Year with a fresh memory. Words should be chosen before using it with loved ones. Otherwise your action in general, will be appreciated.


Sagittarius: This planetary position will make you temperamental in relationship with spouse. Your workplace needs your time more and you will also reciprocate in same pace but result would be not up to your expectation. You may get bothered due to mother, this may be her health or your interaction may heat-up. A moderate week can be seen.


Capricorn: Circumstances can isolate you from the family and friends but your spirit to fight back this condition will help you to sail through easily. You have to be careful about silly problem related to nervous system or skin, but it won’t prolong. But it will definitely bother you for the moment. Your professional as well as financial front look good.


Aquarius: Your emotion and expression would not be able to hold your behavior in public. Although your work will bring accolade or any other form of award, it depends on your individual horoscope and running period, yet you, as an individual, would not be liked by many of your colleagues. Go for meditation or any other physical work out to exert your energy in positive way.


Pisces: This week has a bag of anger, contentment and adjustment for you. Your inner expectation from home or mother may not meet the level but you know the best way to deal with it. You will enjoy time spending with family and loved ones. Your will not change your decision in this period. A moderately good time can be seen.

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