Astrology: 5th May-11th May


Astrology: 5th May-11th May

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: You will really work hard to get your goal. Indeed, all of your calibers will be used to reach your goal but a piece of advice says to avoid any harshness in your communication with people around. Travelling should be avoided or delayed for the time being. You won’t have any option other than spending money on a few undesirable things in this period.


Taurus: Meeting resourceful people and getting your work done easily if you control your speech in your communication.  Your concern of the week will be your partner or spouse. Opposition from cousins or even friends can be expected in this period.  The best part of this week will be your own pleasant thought and opinion about most of the situation irrespective of its negative or positive aura around you.


Gemini: Short tempered attitude should be kept under the wrap, else repercussions will be experienced in the long run. Conjugal happiness will be a bit faded. You will be appreciated by your loved ones. Professional aspects may have a bit fumbling effect of these planetary conditions. But finally, you will have a win-win situation.


Cancer: Working for a foreign organization or traveling abroad will be beneficial. The working environment will also be a bit dicey but it won’t long last until your personal running period would not influence it. The financial area of life would add flavor to life. Your image at the workplace will be commendable. Business persons will also get benefit in their dealings. 


Leo: Your lord will be very helpful to take you at pilgrimages or involving you in spiritual actions in this period. With a tint of restlessness, this is the time to relish the working atmosphere. But your concern towards your own kids would be bothering for the next few weeks. You will be known among your people for your bold communication with your boss for the benefits of everybody in the company.


Virgo: Health can be a disturbing area of your regular schedule. Or some of you may disturb your work due to your temperament. Driving should be avoided or rash driving must be a strict no-no in this period. Those who have been involved in any relationship may have little difficulties to continue. Even students will find it tough to get success as per their expectation.


Libra: This week brings an alert for diabetics to stay disciplined. Chances of internal dispute in the family look more prominent in this period. Monetary gains have been assured by planets if your personal running period to blesses you. Air travel should be delayed or avoided for the next few days. It may be difficult for you to fulfill the demand of your spouse in this period.


Scorpio: This week is bringing a mixed bag for you. Health, accidents, and arguments will surround you in many forms. Try to avoid unnecessary dispute especially with loved ones. Students can enjoy the best of their performance. Kids will give a smile on your face. The financial benefit will be moderate. Overall a good week can be expected.


Sagittarius: Staying alone or away from the crowd would give you mental peace. Your love and respect for spouse or partner will be more. But professional front looks disturbed and some of you may face undesirable transfer. A marriage proposal can be expected. Your stubborn attitude may disturb yourself as well as others.


Capricorn: Your lord has been conjunct with one other retrograde shadowy planet which will instigate your isolated approach towards life. This may further add a temperamental issue in your behavior. But students may be able to crack the competitive exams in easier ways. Enemies will have a real tough time to counter you.


Aquarius: Number of friends will be contracted in this period. Trusting any acquaintance may tax you more. Stay careful. Workplace won’t look comfortable for you in this period. Investment in a lottery or stock market will instigate you but end up with a loss in most of the cases. Mother’s support may give you relief. Even renovation or any sort of interior may be on your weekly agenda.


Pisces: Week will begin with the same note as it was but after mid-week two planets are transiting in other houses. Your concern of the week may be your parents, their health or relation with them. Your confidence and determination will give you peace and satisfaction with your work. Overall a good week for yourself but relationship will need your attention more.

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