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Astrology : 4th November- 10th November

Astrology : 4th November- 10th November

World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This period will turn a friend into closer frame which may be beneficial for you in long run. Relation with spouse will improve after few weeks. Dining out with friends and hang out would be the highlight of this week. Your opponent will be activated and may get your focus towards them. Benefits in terms of material from any aspect of life can be expected in this week.


Taurus: This period looks better for technical professionals. Their attitude at work will be praised. Financial security will be felt but health problem cannot be denied. Relation with mother may not be good. Delay your plan if you have thought of purchasing vehicle or renovating home for next couple of weeks. A good week is on your way.


Gemini: Conspiracy against you at work place will bother you in coming days. Be careful in choosing word with any of your colleague.  After a long span, you will find yourself way lighter mentally than before. Your mission will definitely be accomplished but pace of achieving it, can’t be promised. This week will be keep on knocking on your dormant conscious for things around.


Cancer: Friends or even any acquaintance will be reason of happiness in this period. Inclination towards reading Holy books or anything related to knowledge of any religion will be found in this period. Cold war with colleagues may be faced by you but it won’t diminish your image. Students of this sign will need to put extra effort to reach their goals.


Leo: This week will push you to strive more still satisfaction will not be there. You need to control your emotion and words in your social life. Unintentional slip of tongue may be the reason of disturbance of full week. Financial gains will be experienced. Mother’s health will improve. Luxury will be availed by you in this period.


Virgo: Lack of permanency at work will be experienced. But your active, agile and motivating attitude will let you go in your life. Even you will approach everybody in more polished way. One of your acquaintance will approach you after long time and this situation may enhance your confidence. Overall a optimistic week can be experienced.


Libra: This period will create a situation to think about you more. Recognizing your both aspects of life as well as working on it to rectify your flaws will be your motto of routine. Respect for your spouse will be more in your eye. But other family members will not be equally treated by you. Financial status will be good. Overall a good week can be expected.


Scorpio: Your lord will be transiting in another sign after few months. This transit may somewhat change your perspective about different aspects of life partially. You will be humble and subtle with your loved ones. But no one is going to steal your being involved in worldly pleasure at the same time some of you will be facing disappointments, it depends on your personal horoscope.


Sagittarius: You will be travelling for work. Be careful of your important documents and electronic items. You need to stay more cautious in maintaining relationship with your siblings or friends. Even your opinion may clash with your own kids too. Do not rush to any conclusion. Your office will also be a bit volatile place to work with. A week to be more alert in words and action is moving towards you.


Capricorn: Mars will be moving to Aquarius. This and another combination of planets will make to a leader in home as well as work place. You will be having ample guts to speak your mind with a logic in strong tone to humble tone in this period. Despite your bank account is happy with the money into it, but your level of satisfaction for finance will be higher to make you happy. A good hectic week is waiting for you.


Aquarius: This week will bring you reason to lose your temperament. Mars will be another planet to fuel it more. Financial status will be satisfactory. Relation with your loved ones may be at stake due to your being over critic. But mother’s blessings will work wonder for you to save you from many adversities in this period. Try to go for meditation or self-introspection.


Pisces: This planetary combination will highlight your personality as a more confident person. Health may be disturbed with seasonal ailments but you are going to enjoy luxuries at your disposal. The best part of your time will be your confidence and courage to face situation in a pleasant way. Your children will be ano

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