Astrology : 5th June 2016- 11th June 2016


Kiran Pandey Rai

One World News brings to you, astrology predictions according to your sun sign for the week Astrology : 4th June 2016- 11th June 2016, 2015 by the famous astrologer Kiran Rai Pandey. My Skype ID is kiran_18061 and Phone no. for watsap, viber is +97433517987. You can reach me through Acharya Kiran Pandey Rai on FB.



Aries: Financial matter or some inheritance matter will solved in these days. You may be harsh with your lady and it can be your mother, sister, daughter or your girl friend. Your children may create problem for you by their performances. Your mind will be hyperactive to face the reality of life.



Taurus: There is possibilities of getting canceled marriage proposal or any business plan may not work up to the mark. You will be engrossed with your duties and it will make you stay away from family and friends.



Gemini: Meeting influential people ,enjoying the luxury and still feeling anguished will go simultaneously. But health needs to be one of the important topic for you in these days. You may overpower your enemies directly or indirectly.



Cancer: Even in crowd , you might feel isolated in coming days. Such feeling may pull you into the wrong path. You can face obstacles in getting your work done at workplace. Income will not be the same as the quality of your work will be.


Leo: Work will be taken by you as worship and you will give your best due to one of the best placement of planets. You will be appreciated by your boss. Monetary benefits can be seen in this week. You will spend money for enhancing the interior of your home.


Virgo: In the beginning of the week , the situation will not be very pleasant but by the end of the week, things will be settled at right place. But marital happiness will be completely at toss. Your opponents will be destroyed without any effort.


Libra: Your mother’s health can be a reason worry. Your friends will turn into foes. But support of other family members will be the strength for you to fight back such situations. You will get financial help from your parents.


Scorpio: Happiness from spouse is being assured by the planets. Your health will be in better condition after mid-week. Bachelors or unmarried can get marriage proposal in coming week. Your kids can bother your peace of mind. Stay in touch with meditation.


Sagittarius: If you are going through any court case related to spouse such as Divorce or any other sort of dispute then this is the time to keep calm and let the thing go in its own pace. You will be going through rough phase at workplace. Avoid involving yourself in any official mess.


Capricorn: This week will bring a good time for the students where the Jupiter and Mercury will work wonder in your result as per your effort. You will avoid any public interaction or even family gathering will not be so vibrant for you as it used to be before.


Aquarius: You can have some issues with your parents which may be a positive reason but certainly it will destroy your mental peace for the time being. There is possibility of getting happiness of home or property in coming days.


Pieces: Planets will sail your life in a peaceful flow . You may plan a short trip by this weekend, which can be fruitful for you. Spirituality will enlighten you from within and this will garnish the beauty of life. A good week can be expected.

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