Astrology: 3rd November – 9th November

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Astrology: 3rd November – 9th November

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: Effect of malefic planets on you and your mental status may change your attitude into a highly arrogant and aggressive. It’s better to resolve the issue verbally. Avoid any verbal communication to sort out sensitive matter in this period. Keep your patience intact to go through this phase in better way.


Taurus: Emotional state of mind will be one of the obstacle in your decision making. At the same time your behavior will be extremely adamant with loved ones. Respect for your partner is definitely going to get better position. But due to some reason, you will miss the company of your partner. Female of this sign may face some or other type of gynecological problems.


Gemini: Relief, not much but a bit indeed, after a long span. This planetary position will help your thought process to go on righteous path. Your quest for solace will not be easily found. Somewhere your arrogance will be the major reason of disturbance in your day-to-day life. Monetary benefits can be expected in this period.


Cancer: Your achievements may be the reason of multiplying your enemies. A pleasant plan towards a certain aspects of life will strike you, which may further prove beneficial. Professional satisfaction will be experienced. Business persons will get profitable deals in this period. Your kids will give you the reason to smile. Students may perform better.


Leo: This week encourage you to push yourself to work more. This situation may give you inner satisfaction as an individual. Taking Lead in family matters will give you immense pleasure. Your planning will be more to spend in car, home décor etc in this period. Appreciation from boss can be expected. Financial growth is there in your platter.


Virgo: Short tempered attitude will keep your loved ones away from you. Either you ignore
indulging in any verbal communication or use only written mode of conveying messages. Your relation with father may improve. You should go for work out in gym or any available place in your surroundings. Mother will be disturbed and seeing her bothered, you may also get effected.


Libra: Your arrogance will be reflected in your behavior. Each and every approach of yours will be based on pomp and show specially in this period. Your domination will be felt by your partner in decision-making. You will be financially happy with some ups and downs. Love life can be disturbed and reason might be trust issues between you people.


Scorpio: You will be benefitted through friends or any sort of acquaintances. Financial gains is assured in this period. Health will also get disturbed due to your careless attitude towards eating habits. Avoid any kind of conversation based on important and sensitive issue in this period. As this conversation may turn against your favor.


Sagittarius: Your pessimistic approach towards most of the situations in your life can be felt by your people. Some where your frustrations will keep you in isolation. To dictate your people, will be the motto of this week for you, willingly or unwillingly. You should be ready to achieve any of your mission with obstacles only.


Capricorn: Situation will come to you in your favour from other way, not from the straight way. Friends from different parts of globe as well as from different levels can be expected to connect in this period. Beneficial planets are supporting your professional escalation. Family life will be missing due to other commitments. A busy week with achievements can be experienced.


Aquarius: Your will be strategical in every move specially in relationship or in professionalism. There is a chance of losing money in stock market in this period. You will be more vocal with your loved ones to express your emotion. Be careful in driving. Specially, avoid drink and drive. You may have some opinion differences with father. Be careful.


Pisces: Planets will give you a pleasant approach in public. Parental bliss is missing in this period. Messaging your emotion would be better option than expressing yourself verbally. Your partner will be helpful in upgrading your status. Donation, charity or any kind of social work will excite you. Be careful about your health.

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