Astrology: 3rd June 2018 To 9th June 2018

Astrology: 3rd June 2018 To 9th June 2018

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week.  Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries:Confusion over your decision regarding family relationship may lead you towards the wrong path. Take your time before being judgmental about anyone’s action. Your rash action may leave you at the juncture of repentance. The mother may be the area of concern for you in this period. Staying or getting work away from home will be beneficial for you in this period.


Taurus: You may have disappointment due to younger sibling or a close friend. Stay careful. Travelling may not end as a pleasant memory. Avoid any such trip which is planned for work as professional trip. Other beneficial prospects can be seen in this week.  You may plan to purchase home or resident ship of any foreign country. If your personal chart favours, this period may prove successful in your venture.


Gemini: Despite you are well aware of the unpleasant behaviour of your spouse, you won’t put forward your words before your spouse upfront. Spending money in charity or any sort of donation in coming days can be expected. Your mother may annoy you and reason can be her being over-disciplined in your routine or any particular action can bother you. Keep calm and behave sensibly.


Cancer:  Your attitude, in general, will be very moderate socially but this won’t help to get success in your love life. Your planning and strategy of spending money will be appreciable in your family. Health may annoy you, for the time being, do not get upset as this will turn into a curable health issue. Overall, a moderate week is assured.


Leo: This period will not let you trust anybody. This may be one of the reasons which will further raise your temperament for silly issues too. Your image at workplace will be better. Your approach may turn a bit arrogant and straight with the people around. Calm down your reaction to anybody’s action. Thinking in a matured way is advised in this period.


Virgo:  Your love life will not prove genuine and it may end up as a failure. The professional area will improve. Relation with mother will not be good. Travelling can be seen in this week.  Teachers, consultants, Bankers, Hoteliers will have a good time. Attention is needed in your diet plan. You may get involved in friendships with foreigners which won’t be beneficial for your personal life.


Libra: Those who have been waiting for marriage or progeny, it’s time to think again and work in this area of life. Travelling and getting any assignment away from home will give you benefits.  You will be interested in adopting and going through the holy book or Principles of other religion.  Your boss may annoy you in this week. Ignoring this situation and moving ahead is advised to you.


Scorpio:  You will experience your spouse more demanding than before and this demand may be informed of emotion, financial or any moral support. You would like to be in isolation during this period.  Researchers will have a successful week.  Having little bitter relation with neighbours or friends can be expected in this week. Stay active, spend time in physical workout, keep your mind positive to enjoy the best of this period.


Sagittarius:  Enjoying time with the family of in-laws can be seen in this week.  There is a strong prospect of having either cold-war with a spouse or a legal issue with spouse; it depends on your personal horoscope. Your strategic plans and action may surprise your friends and family. In this process, you may lose few of them.  Financially it is a good time.


Capricorn: Friends and loved ones will create some troublesome behaviour with you in public. Stay away from such politics. You need to pull yourself and help your emotion to get control over your opponents.  If you will not work on your will-power then you may disturb you are as well as your mother’s inner peace. A week of self-introspection is approaching towards you.


Aquarius:  Your pleasant mood and situation will not go hand -in hand in coming days. Your marital life will be disturbed for the time being. You will be more self-obsessed in this period. Even at the workplace, you would like to avoid meeting people and being socialize will not excite you at all. You need to be careful about your enemies, though it will be difficult for them to supersede you, still they will get the winning situation at least in bothering you.


Pisces:  You will earn your pleasure by your deliberate efforts.  Control over your communication and presenting your opinion in public will be very much appreciable. You will enjoy any and every situation in this period.  Financially it looks good period for you.  Younger siblings may not be in good relationship with you.

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