Astrology: 31st March- 6th April


Astrology: 31st March- 6th April

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This planetary position will add flavor to your life. Your opinion about life is definitely going to give you pleasure and positivity. Friends will come forward to help you in many aspects of life. You may prefer meditation in your daily schedule. Planning to study abroad may get streamlined in this period. A good week can be expected.                        


Taurus: You may be involved in socializing more in this period for professional benefits. This will definitely go to help you later. Your interest in occult sciences or any other way of secret learning may inflate. You may face obstacles on your professional or educational field in this period. You may get good news related to the expansion of the family.


Gemini: This week may take you at a threshold where you will be confused and Philosophical about many decisions of life. Professional aspect seems good or better. Inner happiness may get disturbed during this period. Your spouse will guide you the righteous path in some important decision. Obey it to get success in your life.


Cancer: Opponents will be activated but your determination will not let you deter from your path. Accumulation of wealth cannot be denied. Elder sibling supports you emotionally or physically. Your interest in worldly pleasure may be an entirely different story altogether. It says you will be either very much spiritual or extremely fond of pleasure in this period.  


Leo: Despite adverse circumstances, your appearance will be soothing and appealing among your people. You may have to face something related to elder sibling or source of income. You need to have special command over your tongue before uttering a word before people. Your strongest support for this period will be your partner. Be careful about the behavior of your boss.


Virgo: Problem-related to father or fatherly figure will be experienced. You may have been getting separated from your father. In short, your parents will be the reason for your emotional suffering in this period. Do not ignore your health while dealing with other situations of life. Things will not go according to your plan for the time being.


Libra: Chances of involvement with neighbor seems strong in this week. Your interest in spirituality will be lessened. A younger sibling may bother you for some inheritance or landed property. Harsh words are not going to help you in any way. You will feel suffocated in your marital life. Stay careful for the time being. You may come forward to help or work for children.


Scorpio: Your partner may try to create disturbance in this period. There is a chance of sad news in the family. Stay strong and awake. Your harsh words may destroy an old relationship. Be careful and diplomatic to stay safe. Transfer of workplace in any unpleasant place or undesirable posting can be experienced.


Sagittarius: Illusion, confusion, and pessimism, altogether will keep you bothered in this period. Your spiritual instinct will awake for self-motivation and self-realization. Enemies will try to portray your wrong sketch before your boss or senior authority. You may find yourself a non-satisfied soul regarding your spouse.


Capricorn: You will find bounded within yourself. Marital happiness will be missing, reason can be traveling or nature of the job. Work pleasure must be experienced. Male friends seem to enter in your life. A donation, charity or traveling to religious place can be expected.  Your work and style of work can be conspired by colleagues but you will come through clean and clear.


Aquarius: A beautiful feeling irrespective of a situation will be experienced by you in this period. You may come across some bad news from an elder sibling in this period. Your boss may not get positive vibes with and vice-versa. Health needs extra care and time to stay away from any disease or seasonal contagious ailments.


Pisces: Aggressive, confident and an action based personality will be experienced by you in yourself. Luxurious lifestyle will be experienced by you in this period. You need to follow a healthy routine in your schedule. An agile action will give you a win-win situation. Overall, you will lack peace and happiness within yourself.

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