Astrology: 30th June – 06th July


Astrology: 30th June – 06th July

One World News brings you astrology predictions for the week. Kiran Pandey Rai is a renowned astrologer who has been practicing Vedic Astrology for the past 10 years. For Janampatri and personalized prediction write to


Aries: This week says you to pull up socks and hit the gym or go for any physical work out. You may find opinion differences with your mother. Do not deal in land or building in this period. Love and relationship will also not go as per your way. Boss at work may be non-negotiable in his demand. Elder siblings may affect you by their attitude.


Taurus: Prospects of accumulating wealth in near future, at the same time having doubt about it, this dilemma may keep you busy in introspection about the real life situation. A mild hope at work can be expected in the form of increment or desirable transfer. Those have been waiting for job offer for quiet sometime, they may get opportunity in this period.


Gemini: This week may give you mental peace with some expectations. You will enjoy family life specially happiness from elder sibling will be experienced. Marital pleasure will be taxed due to your busy schedule. Financial area will be satisfactory. Bankers, Advocates or consultants of this sign will be benefitted. Your father may be reason of concern in this period.


Cancer: Love, romance and relationship will be hovering in your mind but it will not reach at the desired level. Confidence will be shaken in this period. Your expectation from family and friends may disturb you as this may not reach at the desired level. Best part of the week will be your win- win situation before enemy.


Leo: This week will be beneficial at work in terms or prestige, increment or position. But expenses on friends will be equally important part of this period. Your kids may be reason of concern. Conjugal life will be disturbed due to any insignificant reason. Those who have been working for foreign companies or abroad, they will have a better period at work.


Virgo: : This week may give you chance to roam around with friends for benefit. Somebody from work place may come closer to you. Despite pleasant situation around, something undesirable condition will bother you immensely. Mother may be one of the major point of concern in this week. It depends on your individual horoscope whether this concern is for good reason or bad.


Libra: Your focus will be towards your father or fatherly figure more in this period. You need to stay careful in dealing with him for any demand of yours as that may turn into bad shape. Dispute in love life can be witnessed in this period. Being vocal in every situation may take you to wrong place. You may take up pilgrimage.


Scorpio: Your concentration will be only family and family in this week. You will feel a bit better in your communication. You may try your hand in doing something unethical without realizing it. Your goal will be difficult to reach in this week. Several obstacles will be waiting in every path of life. Monetary aspect will be the best part of this period.


Sagittarius: This planetary condition will make you pessimistic in life. You will be self-concern as well as a solace seeker in this period. One of the most affected area of this attitude will be witnessed in married life. Avoid any adventure or rash driving in this week. Business persons of this sign will get benefit in their dealings.


Capricorn: This week will aggravate your interest in staying in isolation and avoiding meeting people or mingling with people around. Friends will bring you out of your shell. Health may disturb you for the time being. Some of you may get marriage proposals and go to the next level of it in near future probably. Overall a moderate week is knocking your door.


Aquarius: This planetary condition will give you several reasons to add more points in your wish list. Your respect for spouse will be more in this period. Professional aspect of life will improve. Your inclination towards speculation or lottery will suddenly rise but do not leap into this temporary passion of yours without suggestion of an expert.


Pisces: This week has good news in its kitty. Pull-up your socks to get appreciation from unexpected people. Most of them will talk behind your back. Even spouse will also have more respect for you. Despite every good thing in your package, insecurity of about future will create mental disturbance for short period.

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